Monday, October 18, 2010

global osculation

[suggested musica: #162, "welcome home" by radical face. because it fits my current location.]

: my old room at my parents' casa

what i see: a suitcase of clothes and a closet of high-school memorabilia

explanation: my dear condo flooded. turns out kitchens and laundry rooms don't take it so well when a water pipe explodes in the ceiling. so here i find myself ... back to the motherland. eating the motherfood. except for the commute, i'm not complaining ...

what is it about being at my parents' home that makes me feel like i'm on vacation and don't need to accomplish anything of significance?

case in point, i am without extensive thought or creativity at the moment. so ima simply share a recent texting convo that amused me:

i: just saw a couple making out in the parking lot. Target makes me feel that way too, kids.
he: it's hard to contain yourself when you're near a place that sells map-of-the-world shower curtains
i: i know right
he: not many people are making out in internal combustion engine class right now. it can't be the material though. it must be the guy-to-girl ratio.
i: not many as in ... some people are ...?
he: well ... physically ... No.

it makes me smile :)


the_phil said...

I'm glad my "nonconformist" music suggestion could make the scruples list.

Glad to hear you're still smiling.

The Ballard Family said...

Hahaha. Your blog can sometimes be like therapy to my mom-washed day (like white washed, only...)
And not like death therapy either. Though that would probably work.
Maybe not be as fun...