Tuesday, November 23, 2010


 it's rather dark in here. natural lighting is hiding behind the pre-stormy clouds and i've really got this thing against light bulbs these days. mostly because they won't commit.

fact: i can be accident prone.
other fact: i tried to open something with a pocket knife the other night.
other other fact: i slipped.
another other fact: the ER isn't such a bad place at night if you like eavesdropping on drug-induced conversations.

introducing, my new pal frankenfinger:

truth: it never really hurt that bad. and it's actually quite intriguing to have stitches in your own finger, like you're a piece of fabric or something. i occasionally slide the bandage off and examine the holes in my finger and poke it a little bit.


my new role model:

the most painful part were the numbing shots. i hate needles. the PA told me he sees too many people in the ER who love them, so i was a nice change. (cue the druggies in the background)

dr: have you ever had stitches?
i: nope.
i: have you ever given stitches?

other conversation:
dr: do you know what that white part is?
i: my finger meat?
dr: (laughs) it's fat.
i: put that back in there!!!
dr: most people tell me to take it out.
i: no way. my fingers get too cold.

no less than 3 people (2 family members & one BFF) responded to the initial news of my traumatic injury by making fun of the time i sewed my finger to a sewing machine. okay, touche. (jerks.)

last fact:
my first thought after the injury...

(foreshadowing the next blog post, at a date TBD. stay tuned.)

you know "buddy the elf - what's your favorite color?"
i think i've become "i'm katie - want to see my stitches??"


1 comment:

The Ballard Family said...

Hahaha I feel so lame that I didn't make fun of you for sewing your finger!
Instead I continue to repeatedly comment on how I get shaky in my knees when we talk about your finger.
Or when you send me pictures of your stitches.
Haha, seriously, that elf reference just made my day.
I am glad it didn't hurt very bad. And I am glad you had a nice doctor.