Monday, December 30, 2013

Everlane + Gray T-shirt

This is a blog about a gray T-shirt.

But not just any gray T-shirt! I first found out about Everlane many moons ago, when Joanna from Cup of Jo raved about how great/soft the T-shirts are. If there's one thing I'm drawn to in life, it's a soft T-shirt. I just usually buy them in packs of 3 from the men's section at Walmart (following the inspiration of my old roommate, Meggles) and deal with the fact that they become weirdly misshapen after too much wear/wash/sleep/lounging/adventure. I mean too much love.

So when Everlane graciously offered me a discount to their store, I knew it was f-i-n-a-l-l-y time to explore this better T-shirt situation and I immediately zeroed in on the heather gray Slouchy Pocket Tee. And look, brown paper packaging and a minimalist logo design! They get me.

Let's be real, it might be the softest gray T-shirt I've ever owned. I was a little skeptical about the wider shape of the shirt when I pulled it out, because I am not a boxy person. BUT, I was pleasantly surprised by how nicely the shirt fits and falls. I really like that it's a little longer in the back and drapes right on my hips. I also think the shape and loose style mean it could easily fit/flatter a lot of different body types, too. #win

The only problem now will be how to stop me from living in it 24/7, amiright? Someday down the road, I have my eye on the Everlane snap backpack in "reverse denim"...otherwise also known as gray. I like to carry a backpack to the city when I ride the train for work, and my old corduroy backpack from high school is hurting my street cred. (Not really, but it does have holes in it and some dried chocolate crumbs in the pocket from who-knows-when.)

Do you have a favorite T-shirt source?

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Unknown said...

I also discovered Everlane through Cup of Jo. You should try their slouchy tank - great fit!