Thursday, December 19, 2013

A&A: Russian Mafia & Spirit Animals

▲ I still get some automated emails with job postings that are a "great match" for me. My favorites are the ones that are completely irrelevant, like Engineering and Chemist jobs. The fetch? #gohomeyouredrunk
▲ How often my new job requires me to come in contact with mannequins. The other day I had to pop the arms off one to get a jacket. Not to mention the one that had tissue paper for arms. And then there was this. You know, the horrifying nature of mannequins in general is awkward.
▲ Kidz Bop.
▲ Stopped into a small store near Union Square full of little glass oriental trinkets and jewelry, fully staffed by burly men with thick Russian accents. One stepped a little too close to me and said, "We have been waiting (vaiting) for you all day."
▲ Whilst eating in a food court the other day, I answered my phone to one of those spammy alumni "please donate to BYU" phone calls. I told them I was working and got off the phone real quick, then realized the woman next to me had heard me say that. I didn't explain to her that I actually do work in shopping malls, but I felt silently judged. #layoffmeimstarving
▲ Speaking of malls, there are few things more disconcerting than a giant mall directory with no You Are Here dot. I know where the food court is but WHERE AM I
▲ Why are so many of my awkward moments about food courts this time?
▲ Hamsters eat their young. When I googled this fact to verify it, I was horrified by all the accounts of people's hamsters eating other hamsters. But then there was this gem on a discussion board: "One of my hamsters ate the other one. Is it going to make him ill?"

▲ These 50 funny faces in everyday objects.
▲ Riding the train to the city. I was nervous to try it but I love love love it. It's about a bajillion times better than driving and parking.
▲ This story about a Boston Marathon bombing victim who fell in love with one of his rehab nurses.
▲ Yesterday I delivered Christmas fudge to people on teal plates w/ pink ribbon. I mean, Christmas is essentially a religious baby shower, right? I'm also not in the business of giving-a-rat's-apple about Pinteresty presentation details, so there's that.
▲ Mai, the adorable Vietnamese lady who does my nails, informed me last month that I can now text her to set up appointments, so I went for it on Monday and asked if she was available early Tuesday afternoon. Her response: "soak 145 Tmqw" ....I'll take it. She also regularly tells me to marry rich Jewish boys because she is amazing.
▲ My Christmas tree is named Bruce Spruceteen. I'll share pics of him soon, but just know he's about 23 different flavors of fabulous.
▲ When my fav affordable shoe store from Scottsdale also exists in California and I scored these babies on sale which is great because I needed some presentable casual shoes to wear to work and turns out I kind of tend to wear scrubby shoes. And maybe I wear these every day because they might be my spirit animal? But only if they edge out Steve Nash and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

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And what is the name of said shoe store?? Also, you make me laugh :D