Thursday, August 16, 2012

i made a meme, and other stuff.

after the explosions of this post and mostly this post,
i think we could all do with a fluffier blog day, amiright?

so, you know...'s some pictures and stuff.

remember my excitement about the mars landing?
yep, i made a shirt:

the breakfast concoction that changed my life:
aka wheat bagel thin, cream cheese, rasperries & cucumber

my coworkers' version of coasters:

had the following textersation with a dear friend,
afer she found out that the sandlot was filmed in Utah:

...yes the all caps was necessary.

up and decided to cut 4 inches off my hair:

then experimented with the forehead braid:

and, you know,
spent my lunch break on wednesday making a meme:

dr. quinn medicine woman's got nothing on me,


Crystalee said...

K, you will freak out when I tell you this: I live RIGHT down the street from the pool of Wendy Peffercorn and Squints! NOT KIDDING. It's been my goal this summer to swim there, and I have yet to do it. But I will.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Love the shirt!! How did you make it??

sarahannnoel said...

I'm dying over the coasters! What a cool idea! And you're definitely rocking the braided bangs...honestly, it looks even better on you than Naomi! :) (Love both those blogs, by the way!)

Excited to find another writer out here in the blogosphere!
From one to another,
the Reverie blog

Jacqueline said...

you are a hoot. i love the braided bangs! you can rock them right up there with the big girls (natalie and naomi)!

katilda said...

I designed it using a site called Custom Ink! Not the cheapest thing ever (my shirt cost me $25, but on second thought I'm not sure I'd find cheaper unless I bought it in bulk)....but their interface is really easy to use if you ever want to design a shirt!

katilda said...

ah thank you! my hair is thin and unruly so it's a battle to make it work but i am determined to do this more!

katilda said...

thanks for your comment! excited to check out your blog!

katilda said...

I don't know why I am just now seeing this comment, but your coolness just increased exponentially in my eyes. You have to go there!! And blast that song..."this magic moment"

Chantel said...

HAAAAA! Love you. Love the forehead braid - you are pretty. And love your meme - he is pretty too.

katilda said...

"he is pretty too." that seriously made me laugh out loud. you win.