Wednesday, August 8, 2012

on jeans & boyfriends, and maybe boyfriend jeans.


thesis: shopping for jeans is like finding a boyfriend.
seriously, you know those ever-elusive, perfect, jeans-of-your-dreams?
those = boyfriend.

let’s review the evidence:

+it’s a haphazard treasure hunt to find the perfect pair.
+what works for another may not work for you.
+if someone else has the perfect pair, you can’t just share them.
+sometimes, what works at first is a very big fail after further investigation.
+you may have to turn to online searches.
+why do the leg seams twist to the front sometimes? what is that about?
+no, i don't know how that last one relates to boyfriends.
+when you do find that magical pair, it just works.
+once you’ve had the very best, it’s hard to settle for less.

i’m right, aren’t i?
let’s go with yes, since this is my blog and i get to decide.

funny enough, something called “boyfriend jeans” actually exists:


...maybe this will solve my problems on both ends?

i found magic jeans once.
they were at a resale shop, and they were fantastic.
they did all the right things for my bod.
and they only cost me 18 smackers.

this was true love.

...until the day they decided to rip in the nether regions.
...while i was at a party.
...thanks for turning on me, magic pants.

in the meantime, there's always my beloved overalls.
they're like pants with benefits.
which brings an entirely new level to this analogy.

any success or fail jeans stories out there?
...or additions to my rambling jeans vs. boyfriend analogy?

something about apple bottoms and boots with da fur,

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Jayme said...

Amen!! I hate jean shopping!

Unknown said...

LOVED THIS. So, so, so true!

Unknown said...

First item of business: I'm tall. I have always said that my only complaint about being tall is boys and jeans; they never come long enough.

Second item of bid-ness: Sisterhood of the traveling boyfriend.

Emma Frances said...

This is the best analogy ever! Also, my best pair of jeans ever were from a resale shop for $11 and they ripped in the nether regions too! {After A LOT of wear} I miss those jeans.

katilda said...

uh-lees! i totally tried to include something about the sisterhood in this post and it just wouldn't fit anywhere! i'm so glad you did the honors. what a great movie. oh costas!

flutefairy said...

Ughhh I HATE jean shopping, it is the worst!