Monday, August 20, 2012

i done gone went and been interviewed by someone

that post title...i don't know.

but i do know that the lovely crystalee from delighted to write interviewed me and spotlighted me on her writing blog!

go here to read the interview and my rambling answers about writing, fire poles, where the word "katilda" came from...all the goods.

she says flattering things about me, such as:

"Sometimes you come across a writer who fills a void you didn’t know you had."


and peruse the rest of her writing blog while you're at it.
good stuff.

plus she'll be spotlighting more writers in the future.
i fully expect they'll be fascinating people to network with!

if i am in a spotlight i hope it is shaped like a bat signal,

i ran away to idaho this weekend!
pictures to come tomorrow.


Chantel said...

I read that whole article on you, and I LOVED IT! I love your brand name "katilda." I love your trendsetting of intentional lower-case writing, and the way you write with such passion and genuineness. You are an incredible person!

Chantel said...

One more thing I want to add.... I LOVE that you write about thought-provoking, inspiring, funny things (like your iPhones with pop culture characters). This isn't a blog of copy and pasted high-class fashion shots or unrealistic homes that people will never have, but it's REAL. It's stuff that makes you think. It's exposing life from a different angle - your angle. I really like it. And I hope your audience continues to grow, because you are one of my favorites already.

katilda said...

you are so sweet! i'm so glad the internet has brought us together!! haha

Ryan and Crystalee said...

I really meant that bit about you filling a void, Katilda. You have such a genuine, good-naturedness to your writing. It's just plain fun! And who doesn't need more if that?!