Thursday, August 23, 2012

mitt romney vs. barack obama

today marks the first open political discussion on!

*cheers! finger snaps! jazz hands! slight trepidation!*

oh look, here are the men of the hour, both giving a thumbs up:

i want you to tell me who you plan to vote for, and why.
emphasis on the word for.
i do not want you to tell me who to vote against.
i don't want to hear why romney is bad or obama is bad.
i do want to hear why romney is good and why obama is good.
links and articles to support your viewpoints are more than welcome!

we're focusing on the positive!

1. you may not speak ill of any candidiate.
2. you may not attack another person's comment.

if you break my rules, i will:
1. delete your Hater McHaterface comment.
2. question your ability to properly read English.
3. think grumpy thoughts in your direction.
4. demand your firstborn child as payment.
5. name that child Hater McHaterface.

and he'll look like this:
got it? excellent.

my brain cells await your vast wealth of knowledge,

remember this post about how it takes someone with true class and intelligence to defend their position simply on its good merits without insulting the other side? this is like that. just keepin' it classy!


Unknown said...

I LOVE your humor, Katie!! X)

Personally, I voted for Ron Paul. I feel that he is the most educated regarding what the people want and need; and he understands the Constitution and upholds it. He believes in small and controlled government. He isn't a big spender - his campaign runs soley off of his followers' donations. He is down-to-earth, in touch with people, and he stands his ground and keeps his standards high. He is wise and good. He believes in God, and shows it! He isn't loved by a lot of people, he isn't popular - more like "peculiar" - but that's why I love him.

How did I do? ;)

katilda said...

10 gold stars! Thanks for chiming in and not making me enforce any punishments :) And kudos for bringing in a candidate aside from romney & obama! I assumed most people would want to talk about those two, but I'm glad you branched out.

Chantel said...

Found you through Jacy's blog. Love you already! Can't wait to read more :)

Chantel said...

Oh, and I should submit my answer as well. Honestly, it would be Ron Paul as well. I feel like he is a noble man, and he seems to understand the principle of serving the people he is representing.

Kate said...

I am going to vote for Mitt Romney. I feel that his views most align with mine economically and socially. He is honest and doesn't have any skeletons in his closet. Mitt Romney is a great family man, business man, and leader. He gives generously and doesn't only care about making money (although he is talented at it). Just look at how he actually turned a profit during the 2002 Olympics. When it comes down to it, I think his platforms will save America during this hard economic time.

katilda said...

Thanks for chiming in, Kate! I was just facebook stalking you this morning, haha. I wanted to see pictures of you and your cute little family. The pictures did not disappoint :) Love you and miss you!

katilda said...

Love that you found my blog and joined the convo! I like what you said about serving the people. Service is a high priority in my book, so I will probably look up more about this!

Chantel said...

HAA! Love your comments on my blog. I'm already obsessed with you.

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

I will probably vote for Romney. I read Obama's autobiography before he put in his presidential big the first time and we didn't mesh well. I feel Romney has many similar values as mine and I don't mind that he has been a little liberal in the past. I did enjoy some of the republican candidates that dropped out early on (not Gingrich) though.

Jayme said...

I don't know yet who I'll be voting for, but an internet quiz lined me up with Ron Paul.

Monica Christiansen said...

Truth be told, I am not quite savvy when it comes to politics... but I like this post and all its comments because it helps me to dip my toes into it a bit :)

But mostly, I wanted to comment to say how much I appreciated the outburst of laughter ensued by that picture of young "Hater McHaterface."

That's all.

the source said...

I don't often post responses to things. I like to read them mostly. I have my vote for Mit Romney. As I look at our nations current biggest concers with the economy, health care, immigration policies, and ever growing pull away from the strong family structure, I feel it is important to have a man in office with the capability, and committed drive to succeed in those areas. Because action is what is needed, action is what I want. I feel Romney accomplishes that best.

Hugo said...

Let's talk about proven leadership: Obama's stimulus prevented a depression-era like recession while investing in clean and sustainable fuels. Obama ended the Afghan war and killed Bin Laden. He values education and has proven so by investing in the expansion of Pell Grants. Obama also passed the Affordable Care Act, allowing for most Americans to have access to life saving healthcare and bringing down healthcare costs for everyone. His reelection campaign has focused on helping the middle class - a group that we all belong to - with continued tax breaks. Obama cares about families, education and jobs and is planning for long-term American prosperity.

Katie said...

This was my favorite comment, because I had the exact same reaction to the Hater McHaterface picture.

Kerry said...

I literally never chime in on these things. Ever. They're scary because people feel the need to comment, to defend, etc. But I like your rules! And feel compelled to respond: Obama. Obama all the way, every day, never a slight waver. Among endless reasons, the two that stand out to me most are his stances on Health Care and Equality for LGBTQ. As a professional actor in NYC (and across the country), you can't imagine the impact these two things have on my life, the lives of the people I care about, the lives of those who make the art/entertainment that everyone loves to enjoy.. on all humans, really. The Health Care Act will make it so I don't have to be in panic all the time over having health insurance and will do the same for everyone I love and everyone I don't even know. And Equality.. well, all I will say is humans are humans and Love is Love. From Jesus to Buddha to your next door neighbor: we are all equal. We all deserve the freedom to Love. It pains me especially when I see people use God as justification in their inability to accept humans as they are; God does not hate anyone. As an artist, a human, a child of God, a person who serves the community with her whole heart and (especially lately) as a woman, I feel Obama is the right choice, in my opinion.

And then.. I'd like a female President. It seems this post has made me a little gutsy! :) x

Armando Lopez said...

First off, I have to say is I love this comment forum! I wish presidential elections (and all other elections) actually occurred in this same format where our choices ran solely on the merits of their own resumes, as opposed to constantly bombarding us with negative ads that bring down the other candidate. In the end, all the bitterness and negativity just makes me feel as if I will lose with either candidate, when I would much rather have a positive, optimisitic, supportive view once January 2013 rolls around no matter who wins. Great job Katilda!

Secondly, I will be voting for President Obama this November. He took on the job in one of the most difficult times and situations I have ever seen. I appreciate the successes he had during his presidency: 1) Stopping the recession from becoming a second great depression. This is a tough pill to swallow because like many I wish the economy was better then it currently is, but coming back always takes more time then dropping down.
2) The health care bill which means everyone pays their fair share for medical treatment, the end of the ridiculous pre-existing condition clause, and the ability for young adults to remain on their parents health care instead of having to decide in college whether to eat or get the medicine they need.
3) Bringing our troops home from Iraq and concentrating on Afghanistan.
4) Ending "Don't Ask Don't Tell" allowing brave men and women who put themselves in harms way to protect our country to proudly be who they want to be.

I am confident that he is a leader who will try to do what might not always be popular, but what he genuinly feels is right for the country as whole. I am just hopeful that at the beginning of the next presidential term both parties can cooperate and compromise on issues for the good of the country, no matter who the president is.

Anonymous said...

I am going to vote for Romney, but it's easier to judge a candidate on what they HAVE DONE than on what they promise to do. That being said, I'm thinking of 2 things during the past four years that affected me in a positive way as a college student. 1) Like the previous commenter mentioned, being able to use my parents health insurance until I'm 26. And 2) Increasing Federal Financial Aid (Pell Grants). I'm sure I've been affected by Obama in many more ways (both good and bad), but I'm pretty clueless about politics, so I can't give you an educated analysis.

Emma said...


My voting decision is an equation between what I want to see and what situations I find myself in now and the candidate whose character and platforms that correspond the most with those. I feel that while it is important to know and appreciate what a candidate has done in the past, in the situation of an election it is far more important to know and support what they plan to do while in office.

For the most part, I like Obama. I like that he is relatable. I like that he tries to take care of the lower class. While I do believe in self-sufficiency, I also believe in charity; Obama sees people who cannot even begin to understand how to be self-sufficient and tries to make sure they are still able to live. I feel that Obama cares more about the people he serves and that he understands that he serves all of them, regardless of political party. I agree with his foreign policies; I agree that higher education should be more available. I feel that while I don't agree with some of his policies, I do agree with the reasoning from which they come. Overall, I feel comfortable voting him back into executive office.

Hugo Polanco said...

Thi response ROCKS and clearly so does the person writing it.

Doug Pancoast said...

I am voting for Gary Johnson for President. He is the candidate who wants to shrink government spending both in social programs and defense. He opposes special provisions int he National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 that allow the US government to detain US citizens indefinitely with no trial. He opposes spending billions in the war on drugs. And he supports a real audit of the Federal Reserve.