Wednesday, December 17, 2008

on broadway.

So I pretty much have the greatest roommates ever.
A semester in the life...

The one type of facial hair that isn't against the honor code....mustaches. Sick.

Guitar time outside our apartment! Notice the porch swing....we love that porch swing. We're moving it inside for the winter.

We know we look good. My teeth are glowing.

Sun stare.

We all happened to wear matching-ish outfits to church one week. Three in blank, the other three in light pink and white. Kind of creepy, but why pass up a photo op....


So, it's pretty much given that, if you're in a YSA student ward, about once a year you'll have a talent show.

And, it's pretty much given that, if you live with me, you have to be in that talent show performing some kind of skit that is basically devoid of the aforementioned "talent."

Sophomore year: Dancing to the Men n' Black theme song. In banana suits. The actual choreography from the music video. Won both the ward and stake levels.

Junior year: Interpretive poetry/dance to Colors of the Wind. Won the ward level. Performed at the stake level, but they didn't give out prizes this year....I think they didn't want to make our competitors feel bad.

Senior year: Well....see you for yourself...

From left to right, it's Kirtley, Jane, me (in red), and Nicole. My other two roommates are working the curtains (Lauralee) or filming (Kels).
Yes, we made this up like 30 min before we went on stage.
No, don't ask how we got our bodies into those sweatshirts.

This is a perfect example of why it's important not to bury your "talents."
There weren't any prizes awarded this year, and no stake show to get promoted to....which is funny, considering that everything else at BYU is about competition...but in our hearts, we know we would have won.

Oh, how I love us.


Hawkes said...

eCheck your Andrew and matt's new blog!!!

ha ha ha

Justin said...

Leave it to Katie to come up with a sweet talent like that. . .Only you. Sounds like you girls have had some fun. I'm glad you commented on my blog seeing as I now know that you have a wonderful blog! Something I probably should have known but didn't. Anyway, it seems like a fun one. I hope you are enjoying your Christmas break in Gilbert, aka Eternal Summer. It's certainly been dumping snow on us up here in Utah so don't worry, you'll have plenty of snow to build snowmen and ice to trip on when you get back. :) Haha, Merry Christmas