Wednesday, December 3, 2008

blast from the past.

Remember that time i used to write for a newspaper?
Well, since i came to BYU i've been reading the Daily Universe (the on-campus newspaper here) and silently critiquing it in my head (shame on me...i refuse to be a grammar snob).
But even though i do NOT miss the late/early hours, the perpetual smudges of black ink of my fingers/clothes, working every single saturday, invading people's lives to get quotes for a story, or the cynical/conflict-hungry environment...
i DO miss having my words in print. i miss it very much.

So, this week when i got bothered about something....i wrote about it. And sent it in. And they printed it. And i feel good :)

(Premise for the letter: the Daily Universe is sponsoring this competition all week where students solve puzzles in the newspaper and then stand in lines all over campus to get entered in drawings to win fancy prizes. Turns out i have an opinion about this...)

Here it is:

Tis the season for giving, and the Daily Universe got the idea right…sort of. If I may alter the slogan a bit, tis the season for giving to those less fortunate. Forgive me, but handing out ritzy
televisions and flashy video game systems to the quickest puzzle-solvers on campus doesn't quite seem to fit the bill. Remember just a few short weeks ago when the student body of BYU was petitioned to donate canned goods to benefit families who go without during the holiday season? Let's do the math: An 88-cent can of whatever-looks-least-appetizing-in-the-back-of-the-cupboard, versus an HD TV or a $500 Visa gift card. I'm sure those cans of food added up, and I commend the student body for giving to the cause…but why do we turn around so suddenly and start giving to ourselves? Couldn't these same families who ate our canned cranberry sauce benefit from a new TV, or a $500 gift card to buy Christmas presents to fill the empty space under the tree? Honestly people, let's think a little harder about this, and try putting our money in the right place. Maybe I'll just petition all you tender hearts out there to vie for the prizes and do something charitable with the cash you win. Please, let's not forget the reason for the season. (Hint: it's not a Nintendo Wii).

Yep that's about it. Good times.
People have been telling me all day that they liked my letter and that they didn't know I'm a writer. And I laugh....because it's kind of nice not be be "newspaper girl." Maybe i'll just surprise people every now and then.

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Mrs. Allens Class said...

You. Go. Girl. That's the Katie that I know and love :) Your are an example to us all.