Wednesday, February 13, 2008

21 and invincible

Well here i am, at the dawn of my 21st year of life. (Okay technically 22nd if you count year zero...but i'm 21. it makes my sense in my head to say it the first way.) And i's blog time. My older sister inspired me to join the ranks of blog-dom...even though she's cooler than me and figured out how to add a cool background and music to her blog. Someday i'll be that awesome. She posted a whole blog devoted to me on my Birthday, and it warms my little heart: A URL recipe for happiness. haha.
Actually, i'm going to mostly use this blog to post copies of articles i've written for the good ol' University Journal, so that my family and friends who are interested can read them. Plus, let's be honest, I like to write and i have a lot of random things to ramble about, so you might say blogging is my density. I mean, my destiny. (If you caught the Back to the Future reference right there, then you = awesome.) I like to make lists, so today is a list day:

1. Scruples...the name of my blog. Simply put, it is my favorite word. I think it sounds like a brand of cereal....a bowl of scruples. Mmmboy.
2. Last night i was privileged to watch the Harlem Globetrotters perform, right here in Cedar City. Umm..."I've seen better." (If you caught the Meet the Robinsons reference, then you = awesome. Again.) Seriously, they had some awesomely stellar tricks...but by the 500th slam dunk it kind of lost its novelty. Plus, they had this poor team of mostly white guys who travel with the Globetrotters and play them....the Globetrotters have a 20,000+ game winning streak. So basically, they tout this other team around to get paid to lose in a drawn-out predictable flurry of choreographed trash-kicking. Honestly, the whole show was kind of cheesy....if I was 8, the humor may have been funny....and usually I'm easy to please. So, not a waste of time I guess, but I probably wouldn't pay to see them again...
3. I have nothing else to say. My list died.

Anyways, if you're still reading, congrats. That's the end of my first blog. I'll probably post an article tomorrow...
Until then, peace out, amigos.

::K to the 80::


Laura! said...

Yay! Katie got a blog! You are my biggest fan! (if you caught the That Thing You Do reference, you=awesome). I'm seriously stoked for Disneyland. I haven't gone on a vacation with you in forever! We should listen to Relient K the whole way there... and John Denver. Haha

The Ballard Family said...

Ahaha! Best blog ever! I feel famously refered to on your website. :) Oh, and if someone is cooler than you for knowing how to do music and stuffs like that on the blog, it's JC! Haha, it is taking me forever to get the hang of it all! So, I'm super excited because I'm definitely one of those family and friends who have been dying to read your writings of sorts. Can't wait! Love the picture! I'm totally toting you around in a radio flyer. I'm such a good sister.