Sunday, September 28, 2008

And the little one said, "Roll over, roll over..."


First things first. My ipod ran away from home. We had a blessed relationship that lasted app. 10, beautiful months. My little friend is possibly hiding in a crevice of my room (i can hope...) or it got dropped between my car and my apartment that ONE TIME i parked a block away. Figures. The trouble is, what does katie usually do when she's frustrated/sad/moody in any way? That's right, download new songs from itunes. Oh, the bitter irony.

In better news! I added books to my blog. Check it out on the right side -->
Just in case you care about my literary opinion. I mean, i have been checking books out by the forklift-full since I developed the fine motor skills to turn the pages, so I'd say I have some experience. Just kidding....but seriously. My new trouble is finding books to read that don't have scummy scenes or words in'd be surprised. Satan hides in the library sometimes....even the big, beautiful castle-looking Provo City Library. But i've been managing to weed out some good ones :) The first time I went to visit I stumbled across an entire wing of the building devoted to Children's books...AND it was all decked out for Autumn, with colored leaves and Halloween-y things. I think I died and went to heaven. (Seriously though, i felt a little emotional and teary-eyed so I just stood in the doorway and determined to come back sometime and spend a whole afternoon. Someday when they don't require flippin' masters degrees to be a librarian then I will fulfill my dream and have weekly reading groups with the childrens.)

And in other news...I think I'm graduating in August :) I know, right? When did I get so old? One minute I'm making sculptures out of mud in the backyard and the next I'm getting a bachelor's degree. Insane. (Actually, let's be honest, the mud sculptures thing could still happen. I struggled to think of something I only did when I was little that I don't do anymore. The list is practically nonexistent.) The key for now is to immerse myself in an online Stats class and get it done before next semester. Hand me a barf bucket now.

It is interesting, however, to think about digging up the part of my brain that does mathematical things. I used to eat that kind of stuff for breakfast in high school....I've been getting nervous that I'm not as smart as I used to think I was. So I guess this is my new testing ground to see if my brain has degenerated or not in the last 4 years. Hopefully I don't fail miserably.

But if I do...there's always downloading songs on iTunes, right? Right.

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Ashley and Daniel Tanner said...

Hey I need you to call me I lost your phone number...long story about my phone falling in to a gutter full of water...well I guess it was not that long. Anyway My friend Kambers Husband died in the Moab plane crash and she is about to have her first baby. I thought it might be good if she talked to your sisters so I told her about it. And Kanmber really would like to talk to her. me