Tuesday, February 10, 2009


In honor of turning 22....
I have decided to write a blog about myself.

Hence, 22 things you may or may not know about little ol' me!

1. Food is a matter of texture for me. I cannot eat regular macaroni noodles...but shapes are okay.
2. Speaking of food, when I know what I like at a restaurant I almost always order it. I rarely branch out. I like to think I'm good at commitment :)
3. I didn't start wearing high heels until summer 2008 because I was too self-conscious. My awkward stage occupied about 4/5 of my life thus far.
4. I remember details easily. I usually know more about people than they think I do.
5. I love my straight teeth. But my bottom teeth aren't straight...retainer broke long ago.
6. When I was like 11 I wanted to grow up to be an orchestra conductor for deaf children. I'm not sure how this was going to work....I think I wanted to start a revolution. Yay ambition...
7. I dislike things I'm not good at the first time I try them (e.g. driving stick...)
8. When I think about being a mom I get really excited about little things...like writing notes on lunch napkins and blowing bubbles in the backyard.
9. I'm "creative" when I follow recipes. Exact measurements are not common, and I rarely set the timer on the oven.
10. I really love Mike and Ikes. I like to sort them between the Mikes and the Ikes.
11. I hate watermelon but I like watermelon-flavored candy/slushies, etc. I love grapes but I hate anything grape flavored.
12. I have a weakness for both Christian soul music (think Nicole Mullen) and hip hop (except for when it's dirty...) I'm also one of those people who dances to my ipod while i'm sitting in the library. I also believe that singing (loudly) in the car heals the soul.
13. I REALLY love weddings/receptions. I have my entire wedding planned out....colors, activities, food, dress, etc. I feel kind of like young J-Lo in "The Wedding Planner." You may start calling me Katie from the Block.
14. Favorite holidays: 4th of July, my birthday, and Valentine's Day.
15. I own a LOT of clothes. Maybe too many? Reason: I love to shop, and I haven't grown out of any of my clothing in about 8 years. Luckily I also hate spending a lot of money on things, so all my clothing is straight from secondhand stores or sale racks.
16. I love it when other people are in love. I'm the best to tell stories to because I get really excited and clap my hands and squeal a lot.
17. Group games that involve improv acting make me really shy. I kind of hate them. I also hate hide-and-go-seek in the dark.
18. I shave my legs almost every day (I'm really not sure why. I just do it.)
19. I adore writing notes to people and leaving them around the house/on cars/at workplaces/hiding in scriptures, etc.
20. I cry easily and often. About being happy or being sad. Or whatever. Who knows why?
21. I have about 32 different laughs. Sometimes I cackle, sometimes I squeak, sometimes it's average. I can't control this phenomenon or predict it. It's particularly interesting when a laugh bursts out of me during church. I just can't help it or explain it.
22. I love best friends. "Acquaintance" is a strange relationship for me...I'd rather be best friends with everyone. I care a whole lot about other people.

Well that's about it....I think some of those numbers turned into like 4 things at once....so maybe we're all set til I'm like 30, right?


Not yet, please:)


The Ballard Family said...

In honor of your birthday, 22 comments...
1. We are the same with food. Except I like celery and you don't.
2. I don't ever order the same thing two restaurant visits in a row, but usually alternate between favorites...so we're sort of the same.
3. My friend told me you were never awkward, just entertaining, when you were little.
4. We are the same with people-remembering. Wait until you have kids though...it kind of goes downhill!
5. I love your straight teeth too. I never wore my retainer so I have teeth envy. I especially like your teeth in that picture.
6.HAHAHA! I remember this ambition! HAHAHA!
7. AMEN! We are the same in a lot of things. I bet there is not one more thing on that list of yours other than stick-shift driving. You always seem to be good at everything.
8. You will write funny lunchtime notes. Your kids will be cool because they burst out laughing in the cafe-gym-a-torium.
9. My hero. I always think of you if I alternate from a recipe (AKA, accidentally spill the garlic salt over the sides of the teaspoon, therefore adding just a bit too much. Wild.)
10. Gross. We are not the same.
11. SO funny. Someday, when you are pregnant, you are going to crave whole watermelons and grape popsicles. And celery. So let it be written, so let it be done.
12. You are the angel of music.
13. I don't care about the rocks that you got...You're still, you're still Katie From the Block. (But please, don't ever date any equivalent to Ben Affleck. He was in that music video, yes? SO obnoxious. Seriously, what the heck.)
14. We only have one of the same favorite holidays. Your birthday. Or maybe it's mine I like...no matter...we sent you good stuff this year. Hey, this is a great week for you, no?
15. I applaud you for your shopping habits and your ability to hold on to clothing for that long. You always look like you stepped out of an ad, SO well put together and super cute. Even in pj's. It could be like a Victoria Secret ad. Well, not the scandalous ones because that's embarrassing. But the ones where the almost-looking-underage-girls are lounging in their sweats and about three layers of t-shirts.
16. You are a good friend because you really do get excited for other people and you don't just pretend.
17. We are SO the same. I hate games with anyone other than my family. Anxiety attack waiting to happen. I will never make you play improv acting games.
18. Wow. My hero again.
19. This is one of the reasons you don't have acquaintances. You are like, insta-friend because you like serving people, even in small ways.
20. Because you are my sister, that's why.
21. I like your bursting surprised laugh. Best when you have drink in your mouth when it happens. Second favorite is the cackle-then-squeak combo. When you do this, you sometimes stomp your feet a little. I'm laughing out loud right now and JC can hear me in the other room and probably thinks I'm crazy.
22. Yes, you do.
Longest comment EVER. HA!
Have a great GREAT day.

The Ballard Family said...

Uh...I just re-read my comment (yes, I do that) and I want to clarify that you do not look almost-underage, I just meant you look like a model even in pajamas. Not that you look overly mature either. I mean, OVERLY. Of course you look mature but I'm not using the word in the way people use it when they are trying to avoid the word "old." Like, in beauty school when we talked about "mature" hair and I would just say "gray?" immediately after the term was used because I don't like side-stepping issues...
What I'm trying to say is that, everything else I may or may not have said aside, you look exactly appropriate for a 22 year old female.
A cute one at that.
But not like, "cute" as an alternate word for "pretty"...you're both....

Hawkes said...

I like the 22 comments thing!! Would it be tacky if i copied?? well...Here i go...

1. You Hawkes girls are SO picky with food. If my stomach let me eat whatever..I would
2. I also order the same things for sure.
3. I am proud of your heel wearing. I didn't wear flats until I met you actually. I wear them more now.
4. I SUCK at deails. I am jealous of you
5. My teeth used to be straighter. I stopped the retainer. You do have nice top teeth for sure
6. Your deaf orchestra reminded me of that movie, "Mr Hollands Opus" ha ha
7. Stick shift is hard. A guy gave up teaching me after 15 min
8. Being a mom one day is what keeps me going. The little things will be SO important
9. I am a freak measurer. I am proud of you branching out
10. Mike and Ikes ROCK. I love you
11. Watermelon used to be yummy. Until i puked it out all night. gross
12. I have a great Christian music cd for you. Her name is Ashley Harris.
13. I hate wedding receptions. I go for the food. I disagree with Mandy. Ben Affleck is hot. Find a nice guy that looks like him and it will be Armageddon goodness.
14. Good Holidays
15. We should make our own clothes! You in??
16. Lovey Dovey people sicken me. I hate it. ha ha
17. Group games involving improve excite me. ha ha
18. I only shave my legs when necessary or I am grossed out.
19. I want a note...
20. I cried 4 times during Biggest Loser. I feel for you.
21. I have many laugs too!!
22. I have few bestfriends. I am kind of jealous of all your girlfriends you have.

Well. Happy Birthday girl who calls me Jelly Bean. I love you tons. I am mailing your present shortly. Sorry for the lateness. Andrew says, "Oh there you are Peter"...ha ha what a dork. That is his birthday wish to you. ha ha

Abigail said...

I'm glad we get to be roommates during this summer...I think we're a lot alike!

Celeste said...

Haha I love the list! It's fun getting to know you better! Happy 22! I love how you stick to your own style girl! You are so beautiful!

Cameron, Katie & Jack Hunter said...

I love to know things like this about you. I'm glad that you an I are on "best friends" status. I also love to tell you stories because you really do squeal and clap your hands to them. I pretty much just love you, and I'm glad that you're 22. I can probably think of 100 reasons why I love you, but I'll save that for another day. :)

p.s. gonsess is the word today...I feel a little violated. It sounds really anatomical and as if it deals with fluids.