Sunday, March 1, 2009

Step off, MTV.

So for my internship I've spent a good deal of time this semester researching the way the media and the clothing market are affecting teenage and pre-teen girls. It's more than a little disturbing. I finally finished my paper the other day (28 pages....yeesh) and I'm super excited for it to get published on the Web site I'm interning with. I will keep y'all posted when it gets put up there.

But for now, I want to share something remind us all that amid the filth, SOME people still care.....
Go here and watch these videos:[cp-documentid=7049560]/

"Onslaught" and "Evolution" will give you a glimpse into basically what my paper is about and what I'm working so hard to prevent. (Let me warn you that "Onslaught" is slightly graphic. But it gets the picture across perfectly.)
"Amy" will warm your heart....and if you're me, you'll watch it twice and smile a lot. (If your name is Mandy you might cry. Baha.)

Major props to Dove. Way to be.


The Ballard Family said...

You're my hero for attacking this subject.
We don't watch a lot of commercials at all at our house but watching that first video made me realize that Bethany probably already catches some sort of understanding about the world's view on beauty from billboards, magazine ads she sees randomly, etc.
And when it said "talk to your daughter about beauty before the media does" or something along those actually made me realize that I better start soon. So, thanks. :)
And yes, my i-know-my-family-so-well sister...I did cry at that little boy calling for his friend and her hiding in her house because of a bad hair day or something. much of ourselves do we hold back from those who would love us unconditionally because of our own insecurities? Food for thought...leaving me even further inspired. I can't wait to read your paper.

Sherri Romney said...

You have two people who call you hero today. I LOVE that you are writing about this and it is okay Mandy, I cried too. :) Let me know when it is posted for sure. I can't wait to read it. Love ya

KP said...

wow katie that is AWESOME. and so cool. good job girl! :)

Mariah Grace said...

Man! Those videos are so awesome... so real. You seriously need to see what you can do about getting your paper published. I don't think it would be hard, and so many more would understand what a problem the media is for girls today. Stupid Barbie dolls!