Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Book talk.

So, time for a little shameless self-promotion....

That's right everyone...I am a published author.

Okay it's not quite a book. BUT...I worked very hard this semester at my internship and wrote two articles for a Web site called Forever Families. The second one is still getting wrapped up, but the first one is all finito and posted. The posted article is about the media's impact on girls and the one I'm still working on is about the benefits of family mealtimes.

Sooo...please go read my first article! And tell other people to read it! The whole point of the Web site is to inform people, so....spread the word and help me save the world :) Plus there's a ton of amazing articles on the Web site. So go kill some time and strengthen your family while you're at it...

Go to
Click on "Try the New Site"
Go to "Parenting"
Go to "Parenting Challenges"
Click on "Media and Clothing Market Influence on Adolescent Girls: Warnings to Parents."
(Yes, they let me write about my soapbox. Huzzah!)

There's three parts to every article....the Extended, the Main, and the LDS Perspective. It'll take you to the main one first, but it's the shorter one.....I guess I won't be offended if you don't go read the Extended wait, I will be a little bit. haha. It's just that the main article is about half as long and doesn't do it much justice...but i'm probably biased since I wrote it, eh? So, if you have time.....sit down and buckle yourself in. And then let me know what you think...I'd love to get some feedback! (Disclaimer: You may want to throw your TV out the window when you're done reading it. You may also want to kick the movie-making business in the shins for being complete idiots and marketing movies about sex to 13 year old girls. Or maybe that's just my thoughts. haha.)

p.s. they're converting the old site to the new site currently, so if you try to read some of the articles you might have to go to the old site. My article is only on the new one.

Thanks for putting up with my boastful blog....I'll make sure to post something less egocentric next time, promise :)

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The Ballard Family said...

That was fantastic. I just sat and read it, thinking all along how obvious all these things are...but how trained we are (By the media, of course) :) to not see it.
But here comes Katie to save the day and force everyone's eyes open! Woohoo!!!
I'm very proud to say my sister wrote that. And I shall do so, believe me. :)