Tuesday, October 6, 2009


*Disclaimer: I'm having some genuine struggles with blogger lately. It's been making picture posting a nightmare because it puts the captions WHEREVER it wants! That's all.*

I have a not-so-little dream of one day opening my own cafe...or nook, you might say. A place where people can play music or sell jewelry and have yoga classes and maybe listen to the jukebox or record player. There will be plentiful book shelves and the furniture must NOT match. And the front door will be green.

First step: Invent delicious (yet healthy) recipes to sell at said nook.

It all begins today.

With bastrawi pie....banana-strawberry-kiwi pie. The other night I thought to myself, I really love bananas. People make banana cream pies, but why not just a banana pie? So, this morning I set to work. Tuesdays are a day for invention.

The fruits of choice (Mr. Quaker makes an appearance too.)

My beautiful whole grain oatmeal pie crust. Does life get any better?

The gorgeous filling (not sure why blogger is being weird and underlining my words).

Waiting patiently for the pie to be ready. I think kitty knew she wasn't getting any, so she struggled with me.

Beautiful and baked! I decided if I want to be a legit baker then I have to have a trademark inscription...it's like branding cattle. I chose the star. The filling got excited and bubbled up out of the corners. (Does a circular pie have corners? I know hats have 3 of them...)


Satisfied customers :)

The end. Love it.


Abigail said...

That looks delicious! Wish I could have been there to try some...:)

Lars said...

Oh my john, most amazing recipe EVER!!! And the name is brilliant! Wouldn't you love growing up and going to the little cafe around the corner to get bastrawi pie with your girlfriends???

Do you understand what you're doing?? You're starting something epic, that's what. I fully support you and will come every day.

The Ballard Family said...

YAY!!! I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the brainstorming on bastrawi pie. Not that I actually contributed. Just that I got to listen to it...via text.
Anyway, it was deLISH. Seriously. Make it again SOON. Or move on to Cha Cha Cabana Pie. Whatever you do, don't let your baking adventures be too far in between!
As the mother of the first satisfied customers, I demand more.
Of course, around here, it just was known as "Aunt Katie's Pie."
I know The Green Door will someday come to fruition.
Even if it's when we're old ladies living as widows on Prince Edward Island.
Or next year here in Gilbert.
Whenever it is, Bastrawi Pie for all!