Friday, April 25, 2014

Workin' hard for the $

If you're going to work in an office again after a long break, pick one that feels like Disneyland.

...Disneyland minus the asinine lines and crowds (though there is a lot of people here), so mostly just the fireworks and pineapple dole whips parts of Disneyland. That pretty much sums up my feelings. I am loving the free food, the people, the work environment/ethic in general, the bicycles, and all the random treasures I come across (like the hammock chairs in a nearby meditation room, and a giant blue chair, pictured below.)

I've also been doing a good job of getting my coworkers to like me by accidentally dropping rainbow sprinkles all over the carpet at the entrance to our workspace last Tuesday. I just have a flair for decorating, you know? (Sorry, no pictures of that shenanigan. But I did involuntarily squeal when it happened, so no one could possibly miss it.)

It feels good to be on a schedule, using my brain again.

My year of freelancing/Ralph Lauren-ing was a crazy, chaotic, amazing adventure and I think a much-needed break for my wiggly little soul, but there are definite downsides to having little structure (see: weird sleep habits, poor eating habits, loneliness without coworkers, general wandering and confusion, etc.) I feel like I'm actively using my brain all day again, building relationships with new and awesomely diverse people, eating like an adult, and so on.

Now if I could only remember how I used to handle all my errands/chores with a typical M-F schedule, that would be useful. My apologies go out to my laundry, physical fitness, anyone's birthday I've missed, texts/emails I've neglected, and so on. But that's what Saturdays are for, si? I'll get back in a rhythm soon, and the first step is to explore the gym/fitness classes available to me at work. Work out in the middle of the day? Shower at work? These are new adventures I plan to tackle. In the meantime, there's the treadmill desks around the corner from me.......right by all the snacks. #problems

With my new, structured schedule I'm just feeling more motivated about life in general again. I'm making all kinds of goals like "only drink Dr. Pepper once a month" and "make a personal financial plan" and "actually sit down and plan my Iceland trip" and "shop for a car before the current one breaks for good." There's something about a structured life that kind of clears the head and motivates the soul, even amid all the chaos and growing To Do list.

I wish I had an inspirational quote to put here, but speaking of work.... #endafternoonbreak #bye


FWIL Sentimental Blog Content said...

AHH Treadmill desks! That's my dream!

And how stoked am I that your monthly DP will be at Elevate? Pretty stoked!

T minus 3 weeks to Katie!

Unknown said...

Yay for jobs! And yay for big chairs and hammocks and treadmill desks and snacks! I approve of all of those things.

Unknown said...

Oh Baby! A treadmill desk is on my list of "things to ask for at CCSD." Seeing as I'm working for one of the largest school districts in the country, I don't think it will happen.
Cue sad face.