Thursday, August 27, 2015

Driving the CA Coast + Apple Farm Inn

I took some time off this last weekend to drive the coast with my friend Mariah. No bad decisions were made in the making of this adventure.

Mariah and I met at age 14 at summer camp! So, we go way back. She currently lives out in Texas and was craving some ocean, so she flew out this way. She visited me once before and we did the whole SF bay area thing, so this time I wanted to head southward along Highway 1. So, we packed our bags in my lil' June Cooper and hit the road!

It was a lovely whirlwind of beach picnicking in Carmel (including the best tuna sandwich OF MY LIFE -- from Cafe Carmel), touristing at Big Sur's Bixby Bridge, a failed attempt to explore Hearst Castle (y u so expensive? y u sold out? y u no working bathrooms in the visitor center?), and an ultimate destination of San Luis Obispo, better known as SLO to the locals. Am I a local for central CA? Close enough? It's all California, babe -- and we all share over here. Something. Anyway.

We stayed at the adorable Apple Farm Inn, which I discovered via my friend Emi's blog here. If you're into cushy grandmotherly country decor (raises hand high), this is so your scene. Throw in some robes and martinelli's in your room, plus fresh cookies and hot apple cider and wine available on arrival, and you've got yourself some OPTIONS, yo! I loved the whole place. So much that I'm going back in a few months. Because I'm a creature of habit.

Habit case in point, my Facebook post from last week:

And if you're in the SLO area, please don't miss the Madonna Inn. It's like Vegas in a hotel. You just must see it. I'll be going back for the piece of pink champagne cake they were sold out of when we arrived (sad face for days) -- but they made up for it with the mint hot cocoa. Not mad. Not mad at all. Creekside dining at Novo was also a good choice, as was drinking martinelli's in bed the next morning and watching Charmed reruns on the TV. And also a Lifetime movie about the Full House cast? And it was so bad? Like really bad? SO MUCH WINNING.

We wrapped it all up with a legit beach day at Pismo Beach, where we swam in the ocean and giggled/squealed like children, then rented a surry and rode it across a wooden bridge to a 7-11 for a slushie. Also there's a swingset on this beach?? Glory amen.

Old friends are some of the best friends. My lil' soul is feeling good. (Come back again, Mahoorah little bird!)

^^^ my two hot rides!

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