Friday, September 25, 2015

Aruba (Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya) Dinner in the City

Well hey there!

It's Friday night and my work is on pause and I just straight-up downed Indian food while watching Mindy Project so you could say I'm feeling miiiiighty fine right now.

But let's talk about a few days ago! I had the opportunity to attend a dinner in San Francisco earlier this week, hosted by Aruba Marriott and Diamond PR. (When an invite involving food arrives in your inbox, the answer is yes. Always yes.)

And for good reason! Because that food? Daaaayyyuuummm. I enjoyed the meal from start to finish, Pretty much from the time I had the first appetizer in my mouth it was game on for my tastebuds. AND had the chance to make my own ceviche! Look at me being all culinary. Or something.

The dinner was hosted in the the coolest kitchen loft space: the Cookhouse. It's a cozy yet airy little setting with windows overlooking the city street (and the sunset was such a treat that night! it made me miss Arizona skies.) If you have the chance to attend an event at this venue, jump on it! (jump on it, jump on it!) (It's Friday and I want to sing about things.)

And also, the people at this event! I felt like such a small fry to be surrounded by all these world travelers (we're talking full-time travel bloggers and writers, yo). I left there feeling so inspired to visit so many places and do so many things! The travel bug is hella contagious. And also now I want to go to Aruba just to have more of this food. I also found someone with a tattoo like mine -- tattoo buddy picture below!

After the event I walked a few blocks back to my car and the city was so peaceful, the moon was shining over the buildings like it was Gotham (minus any visible crime or caped crusaders) and my soul was as full as my belly. A little Tony Bennett "Left My Heart in San Francisco" via Spotify on my way home and the whole night was sumptuous perfection. I feel inspired to keep getting out there and living my life and doing things -- solo or otherwise! Soul-feeding things.

Anyway, what you're most interested in are pictures of the food. I know this. I'm dialed in. I've got your number. I'm with it. I'm down. I'm hip. I'll move on from this sentence.

Enjoy and don't drool on your electronic devices, por favor!

 ^^maybe my favorite thing of the night! tuna tataki

 ^^i made that thing!

 ^^no it's not a jello's CHEESE! with treasures in the middle. better known as keshi yena

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