Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tattoo #2

One of the most common questions I received after my first tattoo was, "Are you going to get more?"

.....yep! Also, wouldn't it be funny if we asked people that question in response to other monumental things?

"I just ran a marathon!" "Cool! Are you going to run another one?"

"It's my birthday!" "Awesome! Think you'll have more?"

...lolz. Anyway, yes, I pulled the trigger this week on my second piece of ink. And much like the first, I am head over heels for it because a mother's love multiplies infinitely.

Here she is, in the on my flesh:

Explanation: Morse code for "Here Comes the Sun," as in the Beatles song. When I was a freshman in college and homesick/freezing away from Arizona, my dad (who had recently gotten into downloading music), mailed me a CD he'd burned for me, with 8 different versions of the aforementioned song -- everyone from George Harrison to Coldplay to Jewel. So this simultaneously reminds me of my papanwa, that old-timey-1960s-feel-good-kinda music, my desert roots, and more symbolic things like that every hard thing passes and more good is always on its way. (In the words of Rolling Stone Magazine: "a graceful anthem of hope.")

A tattoo I've wanted for awhile but was looking for just the right way to say it. Then one day, there it was. And so, here it is. My graceful little anthem of hope.

"Little darling...I say it's all right."

p.s. To answer your question, yes I'll probably get one or two more :)

p.p.s. you'd be amazed how many people want to question your basic intelligence when you tattoo something on your body. "Are you sure those coordinates are right?" "...yep." "That morse code seems off." "...nope." #eyeroll #ihaveabrainthanks


Budget Splurge Beauty said...

woohoo! I love tattoos so I enthusiastically celebrate the addition of more!

The Suzzzz said...

That is eerie. I've been thinking since Thanksgiving that I wanted to get the guitar tablature for Blackbird along the arc of my hip. Love your new ink!