Saturday, April 16, 2016

Grad School & Calm Spaces

I'll start by saying that the best part of my MBA program thus far is qualifying for student discounts at the movie theatre again.

Because this is a magic card:

jk, I haven't actually taken advantage of that perk yet. But when I do, it will be the best part. And yes, I put lipstick on for that photo because giirrrrrlll I gotta look at it for three years.

Katie but seriously, how's school....

You know what I love about education? It explains the world around me. I love hearing things in class that make me think, "OMG THAT MAKES SENSE OUT OF THINGS." I wish I could cement all the facts and quotes in my brain and never lose them.

Take this week, when I read an article about cultural business communication differences. Remember my Japan trip? As I read the article, it validated my struggles from that trip and explained to me what mindsets I have that may have caused some barriers. I was practically licking the pages of the article; it made so much sense to me.

So, ask me again in a few quarters when I'm potentially more exhausted, but right now I am really loving school. I feel like an eager sponge soaking up everything I'm hearing (or trying, when it comes to my accounting class -- first test on Monday, yipes!)

But on that exhaustion note....

I don't feel overwhelmed yet. Three weeks in and with class and full-time work I am definitely very busy, but I'm not dying. I've had stressful moments, that's for sure. Something I'm really trying to do (with varying degrees of success) is to be deliberate about carving out space for calm in my life. Reserving afternoons or an hour here and there that isn't devoted to work, or school, or any deadline or obligation.

Historically, I tend to swing to either extreme: so busy I'm working myself into an anxious frenzy and can't sit still, or so fed up with the previous situation that I just lie in bed all day and don't do ANYTHING. So, I'm working on a new approach. Little breaks. Deliciously satisfying portions of rest spooned out amongst the chaos. Small spaces.

Today, it meant stopping at Chick-fil-a for lunch after my 8am Saturday class, driving home on a slower road with the window down (hellooooo warm California season! please do stay awhile!), blasting Journey and looking forward to an hour or two of blogging, watching an episode of the new Kimmy Schmidt season (#theyalivedammit), and opening all the windows in my apartment to let some air in before I settle in to study for that looming accounting test and create a presentation for next week's Saturday class.

It's the little things, but they're also big things. Especially when they're waffle fries and a pretty blue sky.


Meg said...

Hi, Katie. I've never commented on your blog before, but I've followed it for a couple years now. I hope this isn't weird. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying grad school. I love that new feeling. And I can totally relate to those "a-ha" moments. I've been going to grad school full time and working full time for the past two years and will graduate at the end of this month. (Woohoo!) It's definitely tiring, but you'll get a lot out of it. Keep being nice to yourself! Self-compassion is something I had to seriously practice this past year. And I wish I'd done it sooner. It would have saved me a lot of grief!

Ana M. said...

So happy I stumbled upon your blog :) I love to read it and hear all about your adventures! Especially when I am in the same situation, trying to finish school and working full time at a law firm in Modesto! Juggling both AND being married is no easy task-but I know that in the end our hard work will pay off-at least I hope so...

Do you only go to school on Saturday's at the moment? I'm trying to find a way where I don't have to quit my job since I work M-F 8-5, and the only days I am able to go to school are evenings and Saturday's haha sort of like you... Sigh... If only I could win the lotto...

But anywho, WOW sorry for the novel, goodluck in school, & Unbreakable IS A FRIGGEN' awesome TV show!!!