Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Blue Apron Review

This is a story, all about how...

...I never cooked and then started trying. For the last couple years of my life, I had jobs that included the perk of free food. Translation: I fell hard out of the habit of cooking, ate out a lot on weekends and/or scrounged for oatmeal in the back of my cupboard. And then I got a new job, had to feed myself again, and found myself living off avocados and ritz crackers.

And then Blue Apron came on to my radar.

What is it? A subscription service that delivers a box to your door once a week, including 3 meals for 2 people (you can tailor this if you've got a family to feed). For me, that means 6 meals since I get to eat the leftovers because party of 1, yo. Except sometimes I have a guest so I share.

What comes in the box? Adorable little packages of food/spices/etc in just the right amounts you need. So, no buying things in bulk only to have the extra ingredients go bad. (see: story of my entire adult kitchen life)

Does it go bad on your porch? I often leave my house for 13+ hours at a time on weekdays. Luckily, the food comes in a box packed with insulation and ice packs. All is well when I crawl in at 10pm after a day of gym/work/class/whatever. *eyes glaze over*

Did someone pay you to write this post? Nope. This is just me genuinely saying stuff because I feel like it. And because as a full-time working adult & grad student, I need things like this real bad in my life to keep me from accidentally living off granola bars.

How much is it? $59/week. So for me, $10/meal. Basically what I'd spend eating out, and usually that was on something quick (see: not healthy) I could grab wherever was convenient. So, the price point is not objectionable given my lifestyle. Especially since it causes me to finally eat vegetables. Also, you can see the recipes a week ahead and skip a week at any time if a) the food isn't up your alley, or b) you'll be traveling or whatever and don't need meals that week.

Can I have a free hint? Why yes you may thank you for asking. Since I've been using the service for about a month now, I've earned some referrals to send a free delivery to a few people who are new to Blue Apron. If you want one of those, holla at my email: katildablog at gmail dot com. I hook you up amigo.

Is the food good? Yes. Yum. And decently healthy. And has much variety. And you can specify if you are vegetarian, or don't like fish, etc.

What do I like? I'm learning to cook! Any of the recipes I've made, I could make again. And that's neat. I feel impressive! One time I made empanadas! Sometimes I mince things! Basically this involves cutting things real small while chanting "mince mince mince mince mince" to myself to the tune of Rihanna's "work work work work work." I MADE PEACH SALSA YESTERDAY WHO AM I

What would I change? They're super into cucumbers. I am super not into cucumbers. I am borderline drowning in cucumbers. Also, they assumed I would own some basic things like olive oil and paper towels. I happen to own olive oil, but it's been 3+ years since I owned paper towels. I found myself needing to dry a pork roast with nada but real towels on hand to do it. Blech. Also, while I love the refrigerated box, I wish there was a list that told me exactly what things in the box need to go in the fridge. Because sometimes I guess wrong w/ the veggies and then they get weird. So. A little more instructions there would be muy helpful! Also, what the hell is the gel in the ice packs. I felt like I was drowning a snowman trying to get that down my sink drain.

Can I see pictures of your favorite meals so far so I can be super impressed by you and the things you've cooked? Yes. Yes you may. I've made several but these are the ones I happened to take pics of! Please note they made more food than pictured on the plate. I was just being dainty for photography purposes.

Chicken, Kale Slaw & Sweet Potato Fries

Brown Butter Gnocchi w/ Squash & Soft-Boiled Egg
p.s. this one was NEXT LEVEL. Will be repeating on my own for sure.

Sweet Chili Chicken w/ Coconut Rice

Baked Empanadas de Picadillo w/ Lime Crema

Roasted Pork & Summer Salsa

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