Saturday, March 22, 2008

simple pleasures.

being home in Gilbert has reminded me of some good things that exist in life: sunshine, the smell of orange blossoms, sunglasses tans, eating tater tots late at night with my mom, waking up to sun coming in my window, and my FAMILY, to name a few.

tonite i swang on the porch swing (well technically it's by our pool, so i guess it's a pool swing) with my niece and nephew. While my nephew babbled about something or other (he's not quite two...and the words aren't quite coherent), i had the following conversation with my niece (she just turned three):

Bethany: A bird!
me: Where? Did you see it flying?
Bethany: Yes. Birds can fly cuz they have wings.
me: Well where was the bird going?
Bethany: To get the food.
me: What kind of food do birds eat?
(silence from the little one)
Bethany: No.
me: Spaghetti?
Bethany: YES.
me: Oh that's good.
Bethany: I like pizza.
me: What do you like on your pizza?
(A moment of silence, followed by....)
Bethany: ...chickens eat eggs!
me: Oh chickens don't eat eggs, chickens lay eggs. Baby chickens come from eggs.
Bethany: Yeah chickens come from eggs. But sometimes they don't hatch.
me: Well what happens then?
Bethany: Well you have to be patient...
(she said that last part to me like, duh, anyone knows that.)

And this is why life is good.
I wish all of my conversations consisted of this.
And a pool swing.


Adam and Emily said...

Hey Katie... I saw your blog on Mandy's page and decided to read... I loved your stories! Keep it up.

Laura! said...

Ah, the wisdom of Bethany. I don't know where she gets these things! Probably from Sesame Street... *shrug* Well, hopefully you got your luggage (hopefully not at 1 a.m., again). And you might want to fix that crack under your door! Snakes might get in! :D

Anonymous said...

My weekend seriously consisted solely of conversations just like that one! But sadly I was with my roommates, not a 3 year old....ha ha just kidding. But I love those things!