Saturday, March 29, 2008

why the heck not.

Well, mandy tagged me....and i don't want to break any Rules of the Tag or anything drastic like that....and i'm experiencing a lull in my work day...soo...

A- Attached or single: Singular. (Great choice for Letter A. Way to get me motivated.)
B- Best friend: i have so many....lately i've been telling people it's the sun. But we've had a fickle relationship this winter (silly burning star just can't commit to spending time with me...). "Mr. Steak, you're my only friend." Bahaha.
C- Cake or pie: mm...applesauce?
D- Day of choice: Friday! I only have one class, and since I work every Saturday, Friday is my day of freedom. Every week I take a vacation from my problems on Friday.
E- Essential item: Gah, my cellular phone. I just love talking to people, that's all...
F- Favorite color: Greeeeeen. 
G- Gummie worms or bears: Bears look funnier when you lick them and throw them at movie theatre screens (hey, it's been at least 7 years, forgive me). But worms are SO much funner to eat.
H- Hometown: G to the ilbert ARIZONA :)
I- Indulgences: mm...naps! i love naps with all my little heart. Long, afternoon naps. 
J- January or July: What horrible options as far as weather goes. Minus the face-melting heat, it's July for sure....i love summer. The best parts of my life occur during the summer.
K- Kids: When i talk about my niece and nephews i always call them my children. I suppose that doesn't count...and i suppose it might confuse people. But who the heck cares about those people who care too much.
L- Life is incomplete without: laughing. And of course Church and love and family and everything. But a day without laughing is a yucky day. Good thing i get the giggles about every half hour, huh!
M- Marriage Date (if applicable): mmm not applicable.
N- Number of siblings: 2 little sisters, 1 older booger i mean brother, and 1 older sister
O- Oranges or Apples: A is for apple.
P- Phobias or fears: Water with creatures in it. The dark. Boogie Boards.
Q- Quote: Just read this one today - "The foundation of national morality must be laid in private families." -by John Adams. Smart man.
R- Reason to smile: Oh heavens there are so many! Most recently it would how everything is working out for me to move to Provo in the fall; it's so wonderful to have a new adventure to look forward to! I also get a crush on a new boy about 80 time a that makes me smile too. (Hey, why the heck not?)
S- Season: summer! "This is the summer of fair weather..." (cue the 80s dancing scenes. Yay Saturday's Warrior.)
T- Tag three: no thank you....i don't want to pressure anybody. ha. Plus, um, i think only like 2 people even read my blog.
U- ...did anyone else notice yet that there is no U??
V- Vegetarian or oppressor of animal: Oh bother, i wouldn't call it oppressing if it's their purpose for existing....i eat animals, and i eat veggies. In fact, i oppress them. Too bad, veggies!!
W- Worst habit: Well, i'm cluttered. My room is one big pile of love.
X- X-ray or Ultrasound: they give you a choice on the matter??
Y- Your favorite food: It's all about the PB&J, applesauce, and tacos. And of course, being from Arizona, i gotta love the mexican food. And mmm hawaiian food! That is the best stuff EVER! Oh, and most recently, Disneyland Churros. What a piece of heaven! Oh shoot, looks like i love all foods...
Z- Zebra or Elephant: I say we start a breed of striped elephants. Ew, nevermind....i can't say i promote cross breeding. Especially among fruit....i just found out that some fruits are MIXES of other me that is just wrong. Even if i am an oppressor or vegetables, it just seems unethical to cross-breed anything that can't have a say in the matter...

Well, on that note...


The Ballard Family said...

You make me laugh. Sorry I pressured you!!! :) I dont' know if I get the giggles as much as you do, but it definitely happens every time I read your blog! So, I was selfish in tagging you because I KNEW it would be an amusement for myself, reading it. I feel like I was yoda in that sentence. tired...

Laura! said...

Hahahaha that frog picture is amazing! Now when radical vegetarians (note: not all vegetarians are the radical kind) (as in "crazy weird kind", not the other definition of radical) start boring me with their rant, then I will say that they are opressors of all vegetables! Haha this comment is too long
Shang La Ra

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! And I am horribly sad we won't get to hang up in P-town! Well who knows, maybe I'll get called to the Utah Provo mission and then all will be well ;) OR maybe you could serve a mission and end up going to the same place I am! That would be sweet! Ha ha. Either way, I hope you enjoy whatever the fall semester brings you!

The Ballard Family said...

Frog picture...