Friday, May 9, 2008

S to the double U

Well, thus ends my long and illustrious adventure days in the land of Cedar City!
Here's my last 2 semesters in a nutshell:

Okay so i already broke my own description and posted something NOT from the last two semesters...the above picture is like 2 years old. Just me and my old roommies at a barbie-Q before we went to a football game. I just like the SUU shirts.

This is a recent one of me and my roomies. Notice that they are all tall, blonde, and blue-eyed. I look like the adopted child. Nice tree in the background though...turns out spring DOES eventually beat out winter in that place.

This is me after i won my major award...SUU Personaliy of the Year 2008. Still not sure how i pulled that off....pretty neat trophy though. And they gave me sparkling cider at the fancy awards ceremony. Yes i'm wearing 3-year-old flip flops with my dress.

This is the statue on campus. THE statue. Her name is Sharwan Smith, and she's about as famous as Chuck Norris up there. Turns out this sweet vest i bought at DI (and altered by hand to fit myself...applause, applause) matched the one she always wore. So i took this picture. One time i found 2-dollar rollerblades at DI and rode through this very building on my way to work. Maybe activities like that is what earns me fancy trophies...

These are some of my best friends. We went hiking. We got all wet about 30 min after this picture was taken. Notice that half of them own sandals like mine...And the majority of my Chaco-owning friends weren't even there for this. Then i came back to Gilbert and nobody knew what my sandals were.....but i was cool and stylish, once upon a time. That shirt is also 16 years old...that is not an exaggeration. Thank you androo.

My roommates again. This is us winning the ward talent show. It involved an instrumental version of Colors of the Wind and interpretive dancing and poetry recitations. And, of course, me laughing through the entire thing and forgetting my lines.

And last but certainly not least, this is my Frisbee team. I wish i had a picture of our whole team....there's like 20 of us or so. You can see all three girls right here in this picture...we like to think we are awesome for playing on a team full of boys. This picture is at a tournament in Salt Lake...notice the large object in the background. (Family, that is called a "mountain." Try it..."mown-tun". On top of that mountain is what we call "snow." And in the sky is what we call "clouds" and "lack of sun.") Outside of work and school and more work, Ultimate Frisbee is what could define this last year for me. I played like 3 times a week, in rain or sleet or 4 feet of snow. All my best friends i made this year were on the team, so that motivated me to keep playing through such frozen conditions. Plus it made me feel hardcore to wear that shirt around campus. Someday i will play again...someday when the heat won't threaten my life if i run around too much.

Well that's about it...i hope you enjoyed this small insight into my life in Cedar City land. I don't doubt that Provo will bring adventures of its own. But first, summertime! Huzzah.


The Ballard Family said...

Katie, Katie,
I can always count on your posts for a range of emotions...I think this time, my favorite was your description of snow on the mountain for us Gilbertians. I almost cried when I first saw the picture, though, becuase since I just went to Utah for a few days and witnessed the splendor of "snow" on a "mountain" firsthand, I am still weeping openly at the beauty I beheld and the sadness of our little dessert home here...I somehow love it, though, ugly ducklingness and all. Also, might I add, you look absolutely red carpet deLISH in your gown. Seriously, could have convinced me it was less SUU Scary Bird Trophy Awards and more Green Grammy Splendor. I actually gasped when I saw that picture. Gorgeous, I am calling the people at US Weeekly to submit the picture for their lookalike section. It could be any one of several starletts (don't tell Mom I read that magazine when I get my hair done sometimes...and in the grocery check out line when JC pretends he's not looking)... ... Hmmm ... ... I am beginning to wonder if my use of "Ugly Betty" as a guilty pleasure isn't having an influence...

Laura! said...

KT, just to let you know, you totally rock the Choko shoe. You may just start a new trend in Gilbert. XD My post is much shorter than Mandy's! Stop showing off Mandy! Jk