Monday, May 19, 2008

oh what do i do in the summertime?

Well, although i have been home for a couple weeks now, i'm aware that i disappear sometimes for chunks of time to go out and...socialize....adventurize...etc.ize...
And although i love a good mystery (and Matlock's got nothin' on me at solving them!), i figured i could fill you all in on what exactly i do when i'm not at home reading my EFY manual or my conference Ensign...or line-dancing in my room.
So before i run away to EFY...from which many more pictures and stories are sure to is a taste of my summertime thus far...

Okay so this first one isn't a summertime picture, but i finally found a pic of my whole frisbee team. Look at us go :) i'm not sure what face we were supposed to be making in this.

The 3 Katies...the triple threat....the KKK? oh dear. This picture was on bowling night...the lovely weekly wednesday night tradition that has lived on for about the last 5 or 6 years. The Katie in the middle is from Cedar City...she has been living down in Gilbert and going to Pioneer Ward and hanging out with all my best friends, while i've been up in Cedar City with all HER friends. We only discovered recently that eachother existed and that we have been switching lives...and now we're great friends! What a lovely story.

Pioneer Ward camping trip! We crammed 4 of us in a 2-person tent. Pretty sure caraline slept ON me for most of the night....which is why i look so steamrolled, maybe!

Girls lunch! Here we are...the girls. At streamers. A couple friends are missing, but it's really a miracle that this many of us ended up in the same state in the same place at the same time. From left to right....Alissa, Brooke, Katie Lee, me, Mindi, Caraline, Ashley, and Dawnee!

This was one of my first days back in Arizona, and true to Gilbert tradition we hopped in a car and headed to downtown G-town for Free Lunch Day at Joe's Barbie-Q!

One day, on a whim, myself and the other two Katie's headed to the mall for what we called the "Grand Sombrero Expedition." Our goal was to try on hats in stores and take pictures. We succeeded.

Speaking of success....LOOK at this hat! Yes, it is a beanie and scarf in one. And yes, i'm proudly wearing it in the food court. I've been waiting my whole adult life for such a creation to appear, and lucky for me it was only 5 dollars. Cha-ching! Pretty sure everyone at BYU will want to be my friend when they see me sporting this bad boy. It almost makes me excited for winter...but not quite :)

One night we had a sleepover...and me and caraline stole Katie Lee's camera and took about 20 or so ridiculous pictures of ourselves. It's kind of a hobby...there's probably about 300 or so pictures of this type in existence. Our plan is to fill our wedding videos with these pictures.

This needs no words. I just wanted it to be the grand finale picture.

And now....i'm off to EFY adventures! Pictures to follow at a date TBA :)


Laura! said...

Haha you look like a knight with your scarfhat on! And the last picture... wow... that's fantastic!! XD

The Ballard Family said...

I totally was feelin the knight vibe too from that hat. I think it's rad and I think people should use that word more often. Anyway, so fun to have you home. Even if you're doing your thing and we're doing ours, I like the comfort of knowing everyone is close by. :) There's always play time at the mall or park with Aunt Katie! I love that you got together with your girlfriends for cute, I love that picture. You've inspired me and I'm doing a girls' night with my...two...friends next week! Yay! You know, something about your blog makes me ramble...but anyway, I vote for the knight hat at our next family dinner. Then maybe it will be you that an extended family member stares at for a while and says, "Who's that...?"

joelle said...

Katie!! Cute blog! I heard you were doing some EFY sessions! dang you gotta keep me up to date on what is going on in your life. It all sounds so exciting! I hear you are friends with my bro-in-law and his roommies! way to go gir! I'm gonna add you on my blog. hope you are doing great, and you gotta post some EFY pics when you get home!

The Ballard Family said...

I already commented on this one and I know you're too busy and sleep deprived to blog right now but...we miss Aunt Katie! So, I am commenting anyway...I think I'm sleep deprived too...