Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happiness Bus.

"There is no rust on the happiness bus."
According to Mr. Mason Jennings....whose song you are hearing at this moment (unless your speakers aren't turned on, and/or you think music is a "blog killer.")
I heard the song this weekend. And fell in love with it. My favorite line is the one about the bus.

Tonite I volunteered at the House of Hope for the second week in a row. It's a shelter for women who are recovering from drug abuse, and their little kids. Every Tuesday night a group of us go and play guitar/piano/play with the children. It's part of a program called Utah Healing Arts....my dear red-headed roommate Kirtley (kirt-face) got me involved with it, and now I'm the group leader for the House of Hope group.
I sincerely love it. Besides giving me a chance to perform, it's a wonderful reminder (aka slap in the face) to keep my head on straight and remind me how blessed I am. These women are struggling, but they are trying...my biggest problems include sketchy Internet service and a fruit-fly infestation in the kitchen (which, is still gross, actually...)
But really. Life is good. I am so blessed, and I love opportunities to bring at least a small measure of happiness to other people's lives.

There is no rust on my happiness bus.

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Matt said...

I think music is the perfect blogcessory (copyright MC blogging 2008)

Music is such a powerful tool, and it can help others to see a little about how we feel at the time we're blogging. Even if someone hates the songs we choose, it still says something about us, which I think adds to the while experience.

And props to you for finding a way to simultaneously hold a guitar and volunteer. Mad respect to your ingenuity.