Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fly me to the moon.

This Valentine's Day i gave my little heart away....to a musical genre.

Romance. Soul. Slow, swinging, sultry, tunes.

Frank Sinatra. Nat King Cole. Tony Bennett. Harry Connick Jr. Etta James. Dean Martin. Michael Buble. etc. etc. etc.

The type of music you can picture yourself dancing to on a boat in the New York harbor. The type of music to be found on soundtracks from movies such as "Sleepless in Seattle."

This weekend my friend's mom put in a Tony Bennett at their house and I found myself in a trance. I'd heard this type of music before but it struck a new chord this time (yes, cheesy pun.) I listen to this music and feel like I should put on a dress and go dancing in the milky way. Float away and away.

It's almost like being in love...I'm steppin' out with my baby...far beyond the sea...I'm giving all of me...so save the last dance for me....it's just the way you look tonite...because I could write a book....just in time....unforgettable...at last, my love has come along.

So, gray Provo skies, take a step back

I've got my love to keep me warm.


Sherri Romney said...

I laughed out loud reading your birthday post. I love the 22 things about Katie. :) I love your Valentines day...I love that music as well. You are such a fun girl and I pretty much just wish you were still in Cedar. For selfish reasons mostly...like sharing your joy in shopping and such. At the whole three stores in town, hahaha. Have a great day Katie. Love Sherri

Jeff said...

Thanks for sharing and posting the song. It's always great listening to these fantastic musical numbers.