Thursday, March 6, 2014

Music: Ugly Dress

We need some tunes up in here.

I feel like the ol' shblog has been a bit heavy with all my rambling thoughts lately, so it's high time for a music break! A friend sent this Jesse Woods tune my way a couple months back, and it makes me smile because a) it talks about northern California, b) there's a tambourine involved, and c) I've been known to wear questionable dresses at various times of my life. That's what happens when you shop at thrift stores and don't give a hooverdam what other people think of your clothing. (Looking back at some of the photos, I could probably have stood to give a little more of a hooverdam than I did. #sorrynotsorry)

Enjoy! Listening to anything good lately I need to know about?

i saw you at the picture 
wearing that dress you never liked
you know the one i bought for you 
with purple flowers and green pinstripes
i know it's ugly, that's why i bought it for you
it needed natural beauty, pretty girl would only do

where's that dress now? pull it out for the sunshine
where's that smile now? let it out in the meantime
i'll be waiting in northern california for ya
i'll be waiting in northern california for ya

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