Monday, March 10, 2014

Popbasic: Sunday Collection review

I'm not really the type of girl for high-maintenance clothes.

Which, is probably why I've never owned a 100% silk shirt before. Can I wash it? Dry it? Probably hang-dry it? Can I even touch it? You can't iron silk, right? The good news is, I don't iron anyway. (No seriously. I've been living in this apartment for 8 months, and only recently thought, "Do we even own an iron?")

But when Popbasic contacted me about trying out their Sunday Collection, it seemed like the perfect time to try out a type of shirt I wouldn't normally buy for myself. And you know what? I put that shirt on and immediately thought, "Oh, this is why people buy silk." COM.FOR.TA.BLE. Seriously, this fabric feels like a cloud, and fits like a dream. And that blueberry color? It's totally working for me.

Popbasic is one of those companies where you can get an outfit sent to you in the mail. Every collection comes with three pieces: in this case, it was the blueberry silk blouse, a silver wishbone bangle, and a matching wishbone ring. I love that the shirt tapers at the waist/hips a bit, making it easy to tuck into a skirt without it getting all bunchy. I also love both pieces of jewelry, but since I'm not a super matchy girl I'll probably wear them separately for the most part. Still, three gorgeous pieces and I'm a happy camper!

Here are some photos!
I paired the shirt and jewelry with color-blocked boots from Target, and pleather leggings from CottonOn because pleather leggings of course. (And someday when I have a husband or a tripod, I'll take better outfit photos. Ha.)

Now let me tell you what I like about Popbasic:

1. They are nice people. I had such a nice time email-chatting with Madeline, one of the founders. I felt like she really took time to look around my blog and send me a personalized email when she contacted me. Warm fuzzies!

2. You don't have to commit to a paid subscription. I feel like some of these outfit-in-a-box companies feel like a big commitment. When you give your email to Popbasic, you're just signing up to receive announcements when they release a new collection -- if you like it, you can choose to buy it. If you don't like that particular collection, you don't buy it. Bam.

3. I actually like their clothes. I like to wear a wide variety of styles, but I also have very particular opinions about what I like and what I don't. While browsing through their previous collections, I actually liked the majority of it. That's a win.

And those are my thoughts! Thank you to Popbasic for sending me these lovelies in the mail, and I'm totally looking forward to seeing their future collections in my email inbox!


Unknown said...

But for real that blue shirt. I'm upping it to 6 gold stars

Alicia Snow said...

Umm hottie. Also, ironing is for the birds.

{this is us} said...

Seriously, you are ohmyheck gorgeous.