Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Giveaway. Glamping. G...engagement.

I guess I should start by saying I didn't actually go glamping (glam + camping = luxury camping with electricity and fancy house-tents = glamping), and no "engagements" doesn't actually start with a G.

But, oh well. Because, alliteration.

Here's some things that ARE true:

1. GIVEAWAY. The rafflecopter widget has spoken and there is a winner for my Anjolee Jewelry giveaway! (drumroll please) The winner is.............Kristin C., AND a great story! Because actually, the rafflectoper widget proclaimed Derrelyn P. the winner. Here's the great story that will give you all the feels: I emailed Derrelyn to tell her that she won, and she was all capital-letter excited about being a winner....BUT, admitted she actually isn't a jewelry person. And then, asked if she could give her winning entry to Kristin, mama of adorable twin boyz and a little girl on the way, because "I have a feeling she would love the heck out of this, plus she could really use something to make her pregnant self feel extra beautiful right about now." I mean....all the feels, right? Since I was making the rules, I decided that giving someone else your winning entry is absolutely acceptable. And so I got to write a really nice email that made Kristin's day. And then my day was also made in the process. Derrelyn, you won life this week!

2. CAMPING. On Friday I up and left town. Unplugged, turned my phone off, left town, went into the woods, and....I realize this is starting to sound like the beginning of a bad horror film. If the horror film was titled "It was all awesomely fun but the night temps were so hellishly cold that I slept not a wink and the birds were really loud" then yes, it was a horror film. Luckily, all the parts besides the freezing/not-sleeping aspects were so top notch that it all evened out in the end. Also, I climbed a tree. You may enjoy some photos below! If you have trouble finding me, I'm the one hiking in the unearthly neon shirt.

3. ENGAGEMENT. My bestest best bestie, Kelsey, has a ring on her finger! (A good ring, see it HERE.) Although it happened last night, that precious soul decided to announce it to the world today, on April 1, because she likes to be difficult. Ha. But, it's true! She's engaged. And I would say a lot of nice things about how I met her my freshman year of college, 9 years ago, and we still talk every single day like our lives depend on it (because they do), and I'd also add some smushy thoughts about how she and her beau are just my favorite people together and they've been dating for 3 years and I am just so so so happy but.....if I were to get into all of that, it would probably turn into multiple paragraphs of nonsensical inside jokes about Celine Dion and my eyes would start leaking and you'd all awkwardly leave the room. So mostly, just BE EXCITED and stay tuned for more rambling about that as the wedding approaches in June. Bridesmaid Round 14, baby! (Who are we kidding, I've had my dress for 3 months now.)

And now here's some camping photos. kbyyyyye


Kerry said...

this is just a really good post. like so much good it made my heart fill up!

Chantel said...

Your camping pictures look so much fun! Also, Bridesmaid #14!! Dang! YOU need a movie made about your life.