Monday, August 25, 2014

The Things I Do

There are multiple times every day when I stop and think about the random little habits I have, or my shopping/hygiene routines, or a funny story that happens, and I think "I should blog about that." And then I inevitably forget to. So today I thought, maybe I will just ramble whatever things I can think about, all at once.

So I made a list. And it is in lowercase letters (vintage throwback! I think I did all-lowercase for a good 2/6 of my blogging years) and I'm not sure why but it just is.

Oh, btdubs, I found out why I've had a "pulled groin" for the last six weeks....because it isn't a pulled groin! It's Iliopsoas Bursitis. (In plain terms: the bursa (little water-balloon-like sac of fluid) in my iliopsoas (groin/hip muscle) has bursitis (swelling/inflammation/tenderness/general badness).) Translation: Girl can't run (or play frisbee, wahhhhhahhhh) for awhile, and if it doesn't get better I'll be turning to acupuncture or steroids. Bother! But at least I have an answer.

OK now the aforementioned lowercase list. I do....

  • wash my hair only twice a week. sometimes three, if something like ocean-sand or extra-sweat happens to it. i've been letting my hair run its own show lately...and the show is wavy/frizzy/semi-wild with a middle part. i'm not making the decisions here anymore, and my life is easier for it! shrugggzzz.
  • put coconut oil....on everything. does it itch/hurt/seem slightly abnormal? put coconut oil on it. it is to me what windex is to My Big Fat Greek Wedding. ...and if coconut oil won't get the job done, baking soda will.
  • sleep with a white noise maker on. it's the only way to drown out the elephant birds and noisy neighbors. also that one bird that clicks? he needs to go.
  • put two pillowcases on my pillows always, always, always (can't handle one end just hanging open. it doesn't feel right.)
  • sit in my car in parking lots/in my parking space behind my apartment/wherever for longer than one needs to sit in a car, just listening to music or reading stuff on my phone. i did this even before i got a new car, so the new car isn't the appeal....i just like sitting in the warm car, putting off whatever i'm going to do next.
  • buy a good chunk of my clothes on ebay. ("where'd you get that shirt?" "well, it's j.crew/anthro/etc. ....but i got it on ebay.")
  • regularly clean out my closet and donate piles of things to goodwill. frequently convince myself that i can someday achieve "minimalism."
  • wear glitter eyeliner errrrryfrigginday
  • look at puppies on local rescue websites a few times a week and send my roommate emails with the ones i know we absolutely need to have (i'm partial to king charles cavelier spaniels, mini australian shepherds and various poodle mixes)
  • listen to my favorite songs on incessant repeat (sorry not sorry to everyone who follows me on spotify)
  • already plan/dream/ponder what type of Christmas tree i want. it's coming up!!!!
  • absentmindedly leave my keys hanging from our front door knob now and then (luckily there's a screen to hide them, but still, i gotta get a grip on that)
  • browse Tinder late at night for seriously no reason at all. i never meet up with anyone on there. but i do like it when i find someone i actually know in real life and then i can send them flirtatious messages and text them a fake critique of their Tinder profile. so this is my dating life? it counts? yes? i should put coconut oil on it?
  • play hard. concerts, beaching, picnics, camping, kayaking....i'm tan, worn out in a good way, messy-haired (as previously mentioned) and oh-so-happy-and-light.
  • watch a lot of netflix in my downtime, but never make it through a whole season of anything before getting bored. i need a new show to love unconditionally and commit to! stat!
  • daydream a whoooole lot about where i'm going to travel next (the iceland high has worn off! time for new shenanigans!!)
  • perpetually attempt to eat more vegetables and hate it all the time. still trying. uggghhh

So there you go! There's some of the things I do.

Ummmmm amen, now here's some photos from lately!
Note: The sea lion's name is Barnaby Wigglesworth


Katie said...

hahah "i should put coconut oil on it?"

Chantel said...

Hahaha! I love this. You're such an interesting and charactered person. Love that you look at puppies to rescue!!

FWIL Sentimental Blog Content said...

All the eBay clothes- yes!

Elisabeth Gee said...

Yup. You're gorgeous. :)

Priscilla said...

So glad you're having the time of your life!

athewa | en algĂșn otro lugar said...

haha, one doctor of mine is also a great enthusiast of coconut oil! haha...

Love this kind of random posts. Just found your blog but it looks fun!... btw loved your glittery shoes!

Erin said...

I am loving your blog (although I am quite new to it!) Congratulations about the job :)

Wandering Justin said...

I have a suggestion for your next trip ... Vietnam.