Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ciao katilda: Pisa & Cinque Terre

"The Leaning Tower of Cheese-uh!"

(Name that movie....)

Second to last Italy post, you guys! Then I'll get back to my regularly scheduled programming of life insights and clever wit and....such things....

But right now, let's take it back to Valentine's Day! In the most romantic country.....with three beautiful, hilarious and clever women. If I swung a different way, this could have been extremely ideal. As it stands, it's still pretty great to spend time with such excellent friends. I'll absolutely take it.

We used the holiday o' love for a little day trip in the rain to the leaning tower of Pisa....which, is totally a life experience but Pisa is totally a random little town with not much else happening. Plus it was raining, so when I say there were no people around the town I really mean THERE WERE NO PEOPLE AROUND AT ALL. In any case, it made for a nice quiet walk (OK we actually walked pretty fast so we could get back to the train station) to the tower for a photo sesh and then back across town to jet outta there.

Next, we train-hopped our way through Cinque Terre!

Translates to: five lands. Meaning: five towns situated next to each other along the coast. You can hike along the coastline between them all, or take the train around. We opted for a little of both....mostly train, with some trekking up and down the cliff paths. Again....it was all empty! Just us, the pouring rain and lovely colorful streets and houses. I think this place is more hopping in the summer when you can go snorkeling, etc. and all the shops are open, but I kind of loved the quiet rainy streets more than a little. Cassidy inspired me to shut my umbrella and and get my hair wet on some cliff-walks by the water. I do not and will never regret this decision, even if I was bit damp on the ride home. It was a very refreshing soaked-hair jaunt in the Italy rain. Mmmhmm

At one point we also went for a nice coastal jog with bellies full of pasta. Or we were trying to catch a train so we painfully and awkwardly ran through a tunnel to the train station. Something like that.

It was a fantastic Valentine's Day. And my balsamic and oil looked like Italy during lunch, so that was pretty neat. Amen.

Next up: Venice!
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Kayla Moncur said...


One of my all time favs.

emi said...

the oil + balsamic looking like italy....yes!!!

Budget Splurge Beauty said...

Look I know I'm suuuper behind on blog posts but I still love reading about your italy trip! seems beautiful and magical and amazing.