Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Summer 2015 Preseason Show

I've been doing stuff lately. I totally have.

Life is short and it's too easy to get caught up in monotonous know: sleep, go to work, watch Veronica Mars, maybe do chores, more sleep, lather, rinse, repeat. I generally have a good smattering of social stuff balanced in there too, but I also like to be deliberate about having ADVENTURES and MISCELLANEOUS SPONTANEOUS STUFF. Mixing it up, you know? You feel me.

Summer is practically upon us and I realized a couple weeks ago that I needed to start throwing some stuff on the calendar before I suddenly blinked and found myself in October. I've been making plans with friends, set things in motion for a couple small trips, and perused local city parks & rec websites (moment of silence for the chaotic hell that is city websites) for some summer classes I can take to improve myself. (Ice skating, anyone? Maybe tennis? Or swimming? Jiu-jitsu? Pottery? I'll keep you posted on my selection(s)!) All part of my ongoing quest to be a renaissance woman. A jacklyn of many trades! A curious modern-day Magellan! I don't know. #Ramblesz

Mostly please note that I discovered a local culinary class titled "Celebration of Corn" on one of those city websites. I KNOW RIGHT

Anyway, adult life doesn't make for much of a summer BREAK, but here are the first few dabblings of summer flavor I've been sprinkling in around my work schedule. Enjoy and stay tuned for more delicious stuff to come :)

First there was a weekend trip to Arizona, that involved dinner and impromptu karaoke (see: I somehow ended up singing with the band) with old friends, mani/pedi appt with my niece (and momsie and sister, not pictured) and various other home-cooked good-for-the-soul kind of activities.

And then there was a painting class in SF with my friend Carrie! Inspired by my friend Emi's post here. My painting looks like a cartoon but IT HAS SAILBOATS SO THAT'S A THING

And guess what? June Cooper and I celebrated our one-year anniversary! She is such a babe. I love that I decided she was worth learning to drive a manual. And believe me, IT'S WORTH IT! I once went on a semi-blind date with a guy who didn't know anything about me except that "you drive a hot car." I call that a win in my book. Thanks for keeping my mojo alive, Junie! Here's to 50 more years!

I also ate fondue at a bachelorette party. It was lovely. I like the part where it was on fire.

Oh and last weekend I went to the beach and the company was swell but the weather was chilly and the wind was brutal. #norcalproblems Here I am wrapped up like a burrito, fishing around for a Dorito snack. Nothing to see here, folks.

...hopefully I'll have WARMER beach pictures to post soon. Actually, something in my day planner tells me I definitely will...and I'm sure you'll hear about it soon enough ;)

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Elise said...

Take ice skating classes please!! They're my favorite classes I took in college. Then we can talk about how waltz jumps are the hardest and how mohawks are so much fun.