Monday, June 1, 2015

So I went on a boat to Mexico....

Sometimes you get spontaneous and hop on a cruise ship to Mexico.

This was my life last weekend. In a matter of 48 hrs or so, I gave in to some FOMO I'd been experiencing about a cruise that a group of friends was going on, bought myself a ticket and off I went! We sailed from southern California down to Ensenada, which was my first time being in Mexico. (I know, I grew up 4 hours from the border. What was I doing with myself? QUE??)

Mexico was lovely, even for a blatantly tourist town. Between my undying love for tacos (I typed that at first as "my love for undying tacos" which is an entirely different idea.....zombie tacos?) and my passion for painted pottery and knick knacks, I enjoyed myself thoroughly during our day ashore. Also I had the best horchata of my life. THE BEST HORCHATA OF MY LIFE. YELLING. WORDS. FEELINGS.

Back to the boat. Let's talk about cruises. Cruises.....wha? I've never been that into the idea of cruises, and though I'm glad I went on this adventure, I think my suspicions were validated -- I am not a cruise person. Floating Vegas....floating hotel....floating Walmart....something. I loved the people I went with (it was one of those friends of friends of friends things that turned into a group of 25 and they were all so delightful) so I totally had a good time on the boat, dancing the nights away to live music. But cruises themselves aren't quite my jam. There's also something inherently weird for me about being waited on hand and foot by people from various third-world countries spending months away from their families so they can make some money serving me lobster and making my bed. Cringe. I had to keep myself in check. And there's a lot of weird smells on cruise ships?

I actually did eat lobster, also. So that's a thing.

My favorite part of the trip (OTHER THAN THE HORCHATA) (YELLING AGAIN) is that it kind of broke me out of my vanilla zone, for a weekend. I love my usual friends, I love how I usually spend my time, etc., but it'd been awhile since I'd busted out and hung out for an extended period of time with people I didn't know very well. It was good for me. And also made me feel young again, with all the dancing and karaoke (I serenaded the crowd with "Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It" and barely needed the teleprompter to tell me the lyrics....please, son) and also one time my friend Becca and I sat on a piano while a man sang to us. He may have changed the lyrics to be a bit dirtier than normal....I don't know, Becca and I ended up wrapped in a red feather boa. Ah, cruise life! (Cringe. haha)

And now I'm back to normal life. But it's a good life, so, onward we go. Hats off to summertime! Now please enjoy the photos taken largely by other people because I pretty much ignored my phone's existence for this entire trip. #sorrynotsorry


emi said...

love it all. your writing makes me miss you because i can basically hear you talking!
so glad you went


Becca Swindlehurst said...

Pretty sure I went on that exact ship back in March. How you ask? Because I recognize the crazy ceiling in the ice cream picture! And the dining room pic. Also my favorite thing about cruises, well the 2 that I've been on, is the unlimited ice cream supply. ALL about it!