Thursday, July 30, 2015

Canada: The True North

I went on a trip to Canada! three weeks ago.... Better late post than never post, right?

Anyway, so I headed up to Calgary (where I experienced a magical rodeo/fair known as the Calgary Stampede) and then off to Banff for....well, you'll see the pictures below. THAT'S what for. Yes the water really is that turquoise. This is a real place.

Canada was fantastic! I ate ketchup chips! I sat on a chesterfield! I hiked up a mountain to a magical tea house! All good things!

Oh and then maybe I ended the trip with some kind of awful food poisoning/stomach flu, thus delayed my flight 24 hours until I felt well enough to get on a plane, and then spent the next few days in bed either working from home, popping zofran (bless you, nausea medicine), watching Netflix and/or bargaining with God to just take me now dammit. (Vomiting makes me dramatic.)

Canada was gorgeous, and Calgary was very homey. I felt like I could live peacefully on a farm somewhere up there.....except then winter would happen and I'd come crawling back south and west. You know how I do.

And now, los fotos!

Henna, a Canadian tradition. Or something.

Canada, where Christmas trees grow in people's backyards...and everywhere...

Morning view was hard to beat....

Our first stop in Calgary for some classic local burgers/shakes/fries...

Girl fronds...sure do love these faces!

When my body turned to jello on the Calgary Tower glass floor and my friends were really supportive...

And finally, my one true love during my days of illness...

Canada, you're a beaut. Let's do this again.

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