Tuesday, July 7, 2015

We need a little Quatro de Julio now!

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday. It never disappoints!

My weekend was everything I wanted! Food, friends, fireworks, patriotic apparel. I even had the coveted experience of hanging up red and blue crepe paper streamers at my friend's brunch party! And if there's anything I'm passionate about when it comes to party planning, it's crepe paper streamers. Symmetry is key, kids! That and an appropriate amount of twist. And ARTISTIC VISION.

Anyway. My day was lovely and included just the right balance of socializing and alone time. A patriotic 2-hour nap is where it's at, kids! The day culminated in a cold/clammy boat ride on the bay with a ride under the Golden Gate Bridge and a view of the fireworks......through the fog....ha! Good ol' fog. I wore a long down coat and STILL felt somewhat cold. But that's San Francisco for you! Home of deceptively cold summers on the California coast :)

Oh and of course, my day included my annual 4th of July viewing of The Sandlot. IT'S TRADITION YOU GUYS.

Hope your holiday was good as well, for you American readers! (Oh and don't worry, I celebrated Canada Day a few days before as well....this girl doesn't discriminate! This girl is also going on a trip to Canada verrrry soon so consider that fire fueled.)

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