Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm re-evaluating the rhythm of my blogs. I was just reading thru old posts and I thought...hey, I used to WRITE on this thing....I think my monthly updates kind of usurped my blogging style, since writing at the end of each month was the easiest way to update everything. Well, I'll probably still update about the most exciting parts of my month every now and again, but I want to start WRITING again. Writing and opinionating and musing and bemusing.

But, since I began August by making a list of things to blog about as usual, I do want to put up my usual type of blog for the time being...just so the list doesn't feel neglected....
So, without further ado....adieu...wait, what is that saying?

- Frisbee tourney. My team made it to the championship game! Which, I happened to be in Arizona during. Word has it we lost by one point. But, semifinals were still exciting!

- Hook. Went to an outdoor movie theatre with my roommates, laid on the grass, and watched this old classic. Beauty.

- All-nighter. I remember during finals week of my freshman year, when I stayed up until 7am so I could study for my math test AND clean the fridge for cleaning checks, etc. The next afternoon my roommate found me lying on the couch, legitimately convinced that I could eat mashed potatoes and lie down at the same time. Hrmm. Anyway, during finals week of my last week of senior year, I stayed up until 5am finishing a project. Fitting, i know? I didn't try the potatoes thing again.

- Caraline's wedding. Ah yes, another one bitest the dust! This lovely friend of mine went and got herself hitched on August 8th. It gave me an excuse to dress up and eat carrot cake. I love weddings. They make me feel good.

- Guitar capo. Bought one. Loving it. Cue the "whole new world" theme music.

- Abby. My roommate Abby drove down to Arizona with me! Her sister lives in Gilbert so she stayed for a few days. Anyway, we spent an afternoon together doing the following: Mesa Temple, Pizzamart (best pizza place in the whole valley, I say), Bahama Bucks. A most excellent day!

- Bandslam. Yeah, THAT movie. The "wow, ANOTHER pre-teen movie with Disney channel starlets who sing" movie of the summer. I would like to meet the cast of the movie. To give them all good games. Really, i loved it! It definitely had some plot holes and amateur acting and quirky moments...but that's what i loved! The quirk. This movie had heart.

- Safford roadtrip. Caraline had a second reception out in eastern Arizona where her hubbycakes is from, and our friends Jackie and Daniela missed her first reception sooo...roadtrip! It involved...stocking up at QT (i love you QuikTrip!) and accidentally only having ONE cd for the entire drive....Taylor Swift's sophomore album, "Fearless." Did we get sick of it? Never. How dare you ask. But I digress....Safford. Thatcher. Did I mention I'm in love with small towns? My heart is set on living in one. We saw the stars. I will blog about my small-town aspirations on another day.

- Frisbee. Ah, two bulletpoints on frisbee in one blog! Happy day. I think I have found my new frisbee crew down here in AZ-town. It's a bunch of Tempe kids. ASU-ites, you might say. It's not the closest thing to my house, but it works. I am pleased :)

- Sojourner Center. Whilst hunting for a job, I came across one at an abuse shelter in downtown Phoenix. With the ambition of getting my foot in the door for employment, I signed up for one of their tours. In retrospect, I've decided that line of work is not for me...but it warmed my heart to be there, nonetheless. We got to peek in on the nursery, and I saw the kids all curled up on their mats. Heaven bless people who save the world.

- Sewing. Long lost hobby. I've become obsessed. I like it because you can't think about anything but your project while you're doing it. Total concentration. I think it's rejuvenating.

- Androo's game. My brudder decided to lace up his baseball cleats after many moons of retirement, and I ventured out to Glendale (almost to Flagstaff, I say) to watch his game the other night with his wife Bonnie and my sister Monica. I love baseball. I love gingerbread ice cream cones (I know, right? So random for a concession stand at a ballpark). Anyway his team played a double header and didn't win either, but my hermano scored the only runs in both games for his team. Woot!

And that's enough of that! I have lots of stuff I feel like rambling about. I mean, i just moved home and started my life completely over from scratch. Also, I graduated from college. Yeah, grown up time....Momentous, I know. Enough so that it deserves its OWN blog, not a bullet point on a list. I'll get back to you on that. In the meantime...

This is the skirt I fashioned out of a pair of pantalones...

One last hurrah on the porch swing...

Mesa Temple!

Abby and I preparing to eat our delicioso PizzaMart feast!

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I was directed to your blog because I'm writing about Irene Nemirovsky, and then enjoyed the writing. Keep it up.