Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Interview

Grown up.
New shirt. New earrings. New day.
Building by the lake.
Validated parking.
Click click click.
Red high heels on tile.
Elevator ride.
1, 2, 3....7.
Deep breath.
Painted walls.
Receptionist in jeans.
Desks. Faces.
Panoramic windows.
Conference room.
Is there anything in my teeth?
Is my hair out of place?
What am I doing with my hands?
Small talk.
Big talk.
Thank you.
Hallway. Elevator. Lobby.
Parking garage. Silver Honda.
Shoes off.
Toes wiggle.
iPod. Shuffle.
Miley. Archie. Jonas.
Little girl.


KP said...

ah katie!! i hope the interview pays off!!! i miss you. i must see you. i need ur digits immed. :)

Abigail said...

It's a poem! I liked it...especially the miley, archie, jonas part. They always make me feel a little better :). Let me know the results!

Hawkes said...

I LOVE that building. You will have so much there! oh at least I think you will! ha ha

Meg said...

ha ha ha love this post. we miss ya girl

Sherri Romney said...

Hehehe cute post. Hope it goes well girl!

Justin said...

Katie Katie Katie, you have fallen to the Disney craze! So much for the goodness of obscure musicians. . .just kidding. I do try to find good artists that are unlucky with receiving media attention. There are a lot out there. Love Dave Barnes and Missy Higgins. As for the other three I will check them out for sure.

The Ballard Family said...

I loved this.
Can we have another like it following your first day of work? :) I need more Katie-perspective in my daily life!