Friday, September 25, 2009

a fish to catch & a song to sing

Working world, you've done me well.

Sitting at a computer/wearing headphones + daily commute = plentiful hours for listening to music. Score!

And since my laptop has gone to a better place (R.I.P. old faithful) and left me without an iTunes to call my own, i've been obsessively writing down songs i wish to own rather than promptly buying them upon love at first, sound. The lists abound....

And so here we have it, my top 10 list of "crank-it-up-when-my-ipod-shuffles-to-it/don't-change-the-station-when-the-radio-plays-it" list from the past month, courtesy of a yellow sticky note that's been bouncing around in my silver grown-up purse.

(Disclaimer: This is by no means a comprehensive list of my all-time favorite songs. Don't mistake it for such. That task would be impossible, and we'll leave it at that.)

In NO particular they new hits or hailing back to the days of Woodstock...The songs that captured my heart (and my eardrums) in the month of September:

1. The Fisherman Song - Mae
2. Big Green Tractor - Jason Aldean
3. Painting by Chagall - The Weepies
4. Everlasting Love - Robert Knight
5. Season of Love - Shiny Toy Guns
6. Tonight's Gonna be a Good Night - Black Eyed Peas (Mozeltoff!)
7. Everybody - Ingrid Michaelson
8. I Wanna Know What Love Is - Foreigner
9. 1,2,3,4 - Plain White T's
10. Danny's Song - Loggins & Messina

Badda bing, Badda boom.
The end.
October, I eagerly await your arrival.

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