Wednesday, August 11, 2010

from the inbox

i do love texting. i find it deliciously challenging to be witty and clever in a 160-count of succintness.

i also like it when i make up a word like "succinctness" and discover it's a real word when no red-squiggle line appears.

the point is. the following textconvo just occurred with my elder sister. and i adored it.

she: lunch....turkey, avocado, watermelon, whole grain crackers:

i: that looks delightful! except for the melon. but still looks good.
she: do you like any form of melon?
i: do you like it when 2 pieces of styrofoam rub together?
(note: low blow on my part. she suffers from styrophobia. okay, that one got the red squiggle.)

she: gah! uncalled for!
i: haha sorry...but melon makes me gag. it's up there w/ macaroni noodles. oh sick.
she: how are we related? i love all those things! and...celery...
i: stop that.
she: hahaha, well, anyway, whatever the differences in our produce preference may be i will always be grateful and indebted to you for bringing avocado into my life on nov. 1, 2008.

i: and i will always be grateful you showed up in utah to eat avocado and go shoe shopping the day after my bf broke up with me.
ah, sisterly love.


The Ballard Family said...

This makes me feel special. :) on a day when my oldest is starting kindergarten, my youngest is sick, and the one in between is restless and I am frumpy, it is good to feel relevant and accomplished in my texting! And consoled by the thought of avocado. Yesss.

Hawkes said...

You are both strange. ha ha Luckily I am too. mandy: styrofoam?? really?? ha ha ha ha

p.s. Dip avacado in ranch. it will change you.