Wednesday, August 25, 2010

it's not me, it's you

i've recently discovered some eerie similarities between the job hunt and the dating hunt. (can we call it a hunt for analagous purposes?)

my observations:

The First Date vs. The First Interview
- you dress for success.
- you might get nervous in the days/hours/minutes before.
- you mentally review everything you do and say.
- you mentally review everything they do and say.
- you try to find that elusive balance between "good eye contact" and "creepy staring."
- it may possibly end w/ a handshake, which may tell you a lot about your chances.

The Followup
- do you call them?
- do you wait for them to call you?
- you make your roommates tell you five times whose court the ball is in. then you disobey them and regret wearing the pants when you maybe shouldn't be.
- you make really dumb sports and clothing analogies about the entire situation.
- you wonder if it's annoying or persistent to seek them out on any and all social networks. will they admire your proactivity or label you a stalker?
- you cherish every glimmer of possibility and maybe write about it in your journal.
- ...and maybe you blog about it.
- you tell yourself, "it's only monday. people make important calls on tuesdays."
- on tuesday you repeat that mantra about wednesday. and then thursday. and then september.
- you jump every time your phone buzzes. you "nonchalantly" check your phone every 5 min in anticipation.
- you put off making other plans (e.g. another date or another job) because you need to stay available.

The Bonuses if All Ends Well
- you get to change a facebook status.
- you immediately text all your peeps when you get good news.
- you mentally remind yourself not to use the word "peeps" in front of your boss or your beau.
- your financial situation changes significantly.
- you realize things may result in some legal paperwork and a long-term commitment.

i could probably go on, but...

am i right, or am i right?


Sheldonrs said...

Another diff. between a job hunt & a date, The longer you date, the LESS you get screwed.

Katie said...

Haha Katie I love it! Very clever.

Adam and Emily said...

You are so correct! Wonderful analogy!

Cameron, Katie & Jack Hunter said...

Katie, you are amazing! I love you! Does more need to be said, I think not!

Ashley and Daniel Tanner said...

Hahhaha...Your so right, but remember the days of Institute socials at SUU were everyone is trying to eye the opposite sex...It'S like your going to the meat market out in this world of dating and job searching.

Abigail said...

Thought you might enjoy this similar post by my good friend, Lynne: