Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Look at me go

A brief recollection of my blogging history:
Began as a forum for posting my news articles, back in my journalist days.
Progressed into an outlet for my random thoughts.
Went through the “Mormon mom” blog phase, where I consistently posted once a month about everything I’d been doing/accomplishing/theorizing in the past 30 days. But seeing as how I only fit half the bill for the “Mormon mom” genre, I snapped myself out of that shlump one day.
From there I migrated back toward the random-thought blogging world.
And today I feel like a hybrid. Because I want to actually talk about my life again. Hold on to your hats…

Well you see, next week I’m approaching my year-mark of graduation and entrance into grown-up land. ONE YEAR. It seems to be true what people say about time going faster the older you get. As my blog may have reflected on particularly emo days (I like to keep those to a minimum), I’ve experienced many of these so-called side effects of grown-up life: memory loss, general aches and pains, angst, wailing and gnashing of teeth, fingernail sensitivity, etc.

Shouldn’t this come with a warning label? Growing Pains?

...Kirk Cameron??

But back to my Mormon-mom-blog kick. In case you were wondering...
Here’s a general idea of what I’ve done, starting w/ last August:
Moved home. Missed Provo. Snapped out of it. Started watching Lost. Job hunted. Job hunted some more. Found two internships. Worked at an ad agency. Worked at the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Bought some grown-up shoes and threads. Took a grown-up trip to Washington D.C. Took a couple trips to Utah. Went to a Backstreet Boys concert. On ice. Moved to Scottsdale. Finished watching Lost, at some point. Switched to full-time job at the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Joined a basketball team. Remembered that I hate playing basketball. But I still love Steve Nash. Seriously considered joining a roller derby team. Joined a dodgeball league instead. Joined a volleyball team. Played a lot of Frisbee somewhere amid everything. Auditioned for a musical “Joseph Smith the Prophet” fireside. Sang the part of Emma in the fireside. Once my voice was back in shape, remembered how much I miss singing regularly. Continue to keep my voice in shape by singing broadway and/or Glee songs in my car. Daily. Bridesmaid round 9. Went through the temple. Fell more in love with the temple. Went back to the temple. Often. Continue to fall in love with it. Speaking of love. I did some dating somewhere in this time period as well. Sorry, my blog’s not juicy (nor TMI) enough for me to elaborate. You can pay for excerpts from my journal, if you really want. Speaking of money. Contract at Make-A-Wish Foundation has dwindled to 4 remaining weeks. Job hunting. Job hunting some more.

I fear that I have forgotten something crucial or important. But let’s not get carried away, kids.

The good news is, I’ve got some majorly cool adventures up my sleeve for the next phase of my life. The other good news is, I hardly know what any of them are.

Cliffhanger, eh?


Katie said...

Forgotten crucial element: moving in with me ;) Umm...I've never seen Lost. I feel like I should remedy this stat.

The Ballard Family said...

I like recaps. I can't believe it has only been a year! I love having you back home!