Monday, March 4, 2013

Bridesmaid Round 12: Recovery Mode

Let's just talk about that time I was sick for several days and then ran off to Utah for Bridesmaid Round 12, thus securing and sealing my fate as a level of tired I am still trying to wrap my foggy brain around. Let's just talk about it.

Actually I'll just sum it up in a nice triangular list:
▲ The wedding was superb. I love weddings. I love my Larsy-girl and her new huzby.
▲ I have dark circles under my eyes the size of a small country. And like, Australia-which-is-also-a-continent small country. Not like "Texas thinks it's a small country sometimes." Because actually, Texas probably thinks it's a big country.
▲ I want to go on a trip to Texas.
▲ The chocolate milk pictured below from the wedding breakfast is perhaps the driving reason I survived the wedding day.
▲ The germs of yester-week have settled into a lovely cough that has been robbing me of sleep for several days.
▲ I feel like a zombie.
▲ Now I want to watch Warm Bodies again.
▲ Can I make a movie about zombie bridesmaids?
▲ ...can I be in said movie? I mean, I have a lot of practical experience. And dresses.
▲ Speaking of dresses, a big thank you to Camille for lending me a red dress after reading my epic sad tale of defeat when I tried to find my own.
▲ Despite any resounding exhaustion, I really did have a smashing time. Oh love, sweet love!

And now some quality pics from the iPhone:



chrissyblake said...

You're a totally adorable zombie ;) . period. I love the red dress and the curly beautimous hair and your beautiful friends wedding dress.

Unknown said...

The Texas comments. Loved. Definitely, big country, not little. As a side note, I want you to go on a trip to Texas. We can watch the cattle drive in the Stockyards.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bride!! Being a bridesmaid is a lot of fun, hope you enjoyed yourself!

katilda said...

Ooooh thank you thank you! You can be in my zombie movie someday.

katilda said...

My heart kind of swelled and broke all at once when I thought about watching the cattle. I love me some texas.

katilda said...

I sure did! It always makes for a long day, since when you're in the wedding party you need to be early to everything and stay late. haha. But, always worth it :)

Anonymous said...

You are really funny!!! and I like the way you write!



Larsy said...

Aaaahhhh, thank you for more glorious pics!!!! I loff loff seeing it from everyone's perspectives :) Thanks for all your help with the sassy partay and all the wedding-day-schtuff, for REALS you are SO AMAZING. I loved having you there and for all your sacrifice to do it!! I punch danced in the airplane in your honor during our plane switch in Phoenix. Michael can attest.