Tuesday, February 19, 2013

movie review: warm bodies

You guys, I'm not really a zombie kind of girl.

So when I heard about the movie Warm Bodies, I was skeptical. First, I wanted to know if it was going to scare the bajeezies out of me. I was then informed that it was, in fact, a romantic comedy.

A zombie rom com.


Wait, what? My skepticism increased to even higher levels. I pictured some kind of terrible Twilight spoof (I mean, I love me a Twilight spoof if it's done well like this charming little video). But, I don't do well with dumb, crass humor. It's gotta be sharp and clever to tickle my funny bone!

Turns out, I really sincerely loved this movie.

What I liked:
▲ The dry, clever, witty sense of humor. For reals, this movie had me laughing in the first few minutes and didn't let up for the next couple hours. And my sister and I are still quoting it, days later.
▲ The love story was authentic and tender. Sure, a zombie love story might be a little weird but I feel like it had more depth and relationship development than other romances I've watched, paranormal or otherwise.
▲ No sexual content. This can really ruin a movie for me, and it was incredibly refreshing to watch a love story that, shocker, didn't have to include a sex scene to make the romance legitimate.
▲ The idea of zombies having their hearts warmed and having inner goodness was altogether charming.
▲ The soundtrack was legit. Such a good mix of old and new. I compiled it right here on Spotify!
▲ Did I mention this movie really made me laugh? The zombie awkwardness was perfection. "Nailed it."

What I didn't like:
▲ Honestly there are so few downsides, but if I had to pick one it would be that there was more profanity throughout than I prefer. Didn't ruin the movie for me, though.
▲ The zombie parts were a liiiittle bit gross for me. I mean, no matter how light-hearted the movie is, watching a zombie eat brains is going to make my tummy turn a little. Still, it's bearable.

Have YOU seen it? Would you?
I would totally see it in a movie theatre again. Here's the trailer if you need a little taste.


Katie said...

I was seriously wondering about this movie. I thought it maybe had potential, but wasn't sure. It makes me happy to have your opinion...now I kinda want to see it. :)

Emma Frances said...

Race and I saw this opening weekend and we really enjoyed it too and are still quoting it! I was afraid it'd be too scary for me but it wasn't at all!

Myke said...

I was disappointed when I saw the trailer for this because a couple years ago (after watching Super 8) I came up with an idea for a zombie romance (that ends tragically). So I was mad someone had sort of stolen my idea. Then I realized I would probably never ever do anything with that idea, so after hearing good reviews, I've been wanting to see this movie.

Priscilla said...

I liked seeing the zombies perspective. I don't remember any profanity, but I did fall asleep for a bit.

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

My thoughts were the same of the movie..I didn't like the cuss words. I loved that I could see the Romeo and Juliet background story too.

I loved this movie so much more than I thought and it was hilarious. I feel a little ashamed that I thought the actor was cute as a zombie, but the movie wouldn't have worked if he wasn't attractive haha.

Mandy Ballard said...

I know nothing about this movie except what you just now told me. But if someone was to dare me to bet my first born child that you, my sister, would not see this movie in a million years...I might have done it. Good to know you can still surprise me. Haha

Kayla Moncur said...

My husband and I saw it last night! At dinner afterward I kept saying, "Um, I REALLY liked that movie."

Found your blog through the FB page for the meet-up tonight. I'm looking forward to it!

World Wide Non-Emergency Medical Transportation said...

Warm Bodies is a charming, fresh and always funny "zom-com" with a lot of heart, thanks to director Jonathan Levine's ability to explore love in the most unexpected of places.