Monday, February 4, 2013

writing: relapse

I was invited to a rhyming poetry party this weekend so I wrote a poem last week to share. I didn't actually end up making it to the party, so I figured a blog is the next best place to share my poetic ramblings. I'm not normally one for rhyming poetry, so this was a good challenge for me. Enjoy!

i cannot count the hours
i don't know where they go
i don't know which are coming
and i can't know when they'll show
and some will slow for nothing
and are gone without a trace
but some still stop and settle
and refuse to be replaced
it turns without a warning
and it hinges on a feeling
it freezes in a moment
and somehow leaves me reeling
and what words do i have,
that could etch the right impression
an indelible reminder
a prevention of regression
and some days it sticks around
and sometimes there's just no knowing
when it'll bubble to the surface
and what pieces might stay showing
but sometimes it slips away
sometimes it wanders blindly
and one day just reappears
without asking, just reminding
says, "here i am, remember?
you said you won't forget me."
i know, but that's because
you said you'd never let me.

do you ever write poems? and do they rhyme?

p.s. Lately I've been really into rocking the heidi braid, as pictured above. Ever tried it?


Myke said...

For a creative writing class, I once wrote a poem called "The Bastard Children of Father Emo." It didn't rhyme.

Unknown said...

i'm in love with that.

Unknown said...

Three things. One, your poem is bomb. You are so talented. Two, my poems rhyme almost always. I am no bueno at the non-rhyming stuff. Three, watch this:

katilda said...

Your comment made me laugh out loud at work. Always a success.

katilda said...

Thanks Cassie!

katilda said...

Girl that video had SOUL! How do we sign up for these soul-Christian-poetry clubs?

Megs said...

So sad you couldn't make it last weekend to share this in person. I would have loved to hear that with your intonations. (Although, I can here your voice in my head as I read it.) And you know I rock the Heidi braids!