Thursday, February 21, 2013

you might think i haven't been wearing clothes but i totally have

Look, I can't live with the guilt anymore.

For awhile I was all consistent about posting some "what have I been wearing" pictures, and you guys seemed to really enjoy that. And now, it's been like two months or something since I did that. And last night I thought about how some of you might be losing sleep, wondering which (cheap) jeans I've been pairing with which (even cheaper) shoes, or dying to know how many times per week I can get away with wearing the same gray cardigan (answer: infinite), or asking yourselves "Does Target pay her for this?" 

...the answer to that last question is bigfatNO but should be bigfatYES, by the way.

In any case, your angst can now be relieved.

Because here's a bazillion crappy iPhone photos, mostly in the area of my bathroom where the overhead light hasn't worked in several months so everything looks really yellow but no it is not that color in real life except kind of because it's an old condo. Peace and blessings to one and all. Peace and blessings.

 purple cardi, sequin tank & black boots: target // flower pants: county fair in idaho
two-tone denim shirt: F21 // black bubble necklace: some boutique in utah // skirt & boots: target
 black v-neck: target // teal bubble necklace: sassy steals // mocha stripe skirt: modestpop
entire outfit: target // bicycle necklace: some boutique in utah
 white floral scarf: gift from italy // everything else: target
striped cardi and vintage button-up: thrifted // jeans: buckle // boots: target
 black scarf: payless // lace shirt: F21 // red shirt: DownEast // shoes: target // jeans: no clue
green v-neck sweater: target // mocha stripe skirt: modestpop
 striped cardi & white tunic: thrifted // jeans: no idea, really // camel ankle boots: F21
rust scarf: safeway (yep) // white cardi & camel ankle boots: F21 // gray dress: DownEast
 gray cardi & camel ankle boots: F21 // denim skirt & red belt: thrifted // polka dot shirt: madewell // tights: target
gray cardi: F21 // red plaid: california // white necklace: DownEast // gray skirt: target
 burnt orange cardi & boots: target // aztec shirt: F21 // white skirt: thrifted
gray cardi: F21 // blue scarf: Tilly's // gray dress: thrifted // blue wellies: walmart
 gray cardi: F21 // everything else: target
gray cardi: F21 // gray shirt: Ross // sweater skirt: thrifted // boots: target
 lace cardi: gift // purple sweater: modestpop // leggings & boots: target
brown cardi & boots: target // green scarf: safeway // striped tee: Ross // jeans: thrifted
 white floral scarf: gift from italy // blue shirt & boots: target // jeans: thrifted
gray cardi, red tights & brown oxfords: target // white shirt, red belt & vintage pink skirt: thrifted
 floral dress: made by yours truly // red belt: thrifted // brown boots: target
camel ankle boots: F21 // everything else: target
 gray v-neck sweater: target // floral skinnies: county fair in idaho // camel ankle boots: F21
black lace cardi: gift // mocha stripe skirt: modestpop
gray cardi: F21 // blue plaid: walmart // white necklace: DownEast // green skinnies & fringe mocs: jc penney

And yes, those are leopard-print slipper boots on the bottom right. No, I didn't leave my house in this ensemble but I wouldn't put it past me. This outfit is very typical of what I wear around my usually involves stretchy pants because why wear anything else if you don't have to?

Any favorites from above?
{positive reinforcement to get dressed in the morning is always welcome}


Eryka said...


chrissyblake said...

I would like to be paid by target as well for owning so much product from their stores. They just make it so darn difficult to not when they have rockin clearance.. because I like to look good but more importantly, Im cheap. As always, you look adorable. duh. and I heart those floral pants since they are the first think I saw you in.. bahaha that sounds uber creepy. oh well. moral of the story is, you rock. at everything.

Cheri said...

Such cute outfits! I love clothing posts. I did it for a while once upon a time, but then I gave up. But, I especially love the top right outfit with the denim top.

Katie said...

ha...stretchy pants. and i love love love the title of this post. i love so many of these outfits. i wish you could dress me every morning, too. my model bestie.

Emily said...

That floral dress!!!! It's wonderful!

Mandy Ballard said...

You look adorable always. The one that made my smile get super big is the one with the orange-y vest and the Heidi hair. :)