Tuesday, February 12, 2013

a tale of birthday & (john) denver

I have officially returned to the motherland (see: Arizona) and successfully survived the freezing temperatures of Denver, Colorado. And oh, what a birthday trip it was! This girl is officially 26 and ready to rumble (whatever that means) and I'll have more thoughts on the whole "getting older and whatnot and stuff" thing soon.

But for now....pictures!


{what's a birthday without breaking out my pink sequined skirt??}

{i try and visit a cathedral in every new city because they are beautiful and that's why}

{me, rachel & jenny}

Have you ever been to Denver? What a lovely place!

rocky mountain high,

p.s. While at that lovely cathedral I was gifted a beautiful blue rosaary. Go spy on the picture of it on my instagram at @katilda_grams to hear the story!


Katie said...

It looks like you had so much fun! Love all the pictures. And I really enjoy that pink sequined skirt.

Unknown said...

LOVE your pink sequin skirt. LOVE.
Oh, and happy birthday :)

Jenna said...

Cute outfit with da pink sequined skirt!

P.S. I know Rachel. She went to Highland. She is super-cute. Tell her I say 'Hi.'

Kerry said...

happy belated, girl!! what a way to celebrate :) did you see a show while you were there? i have clear memories of that space that you all are posing in.. also a friend is there doing a show and i'll be a monkey's uncle if you saw his show.

katilda said...

Ooh! I saw jekyll & hyde! Seems like there were many shows in denver right now. Which one is your friend in??

katilda said...


katilda said...

Love that you know her! She is my favorite!

Unknown said...

Excuse me, you have a pink sequin skirt. Apparently something fabulous does come out of Fort Worth: Katilda. If I used emoticons, then I would put a smiley face here.