Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A&A: thomas edison & shetland ponies

▲ Two of the biggest search terms that drive traffic to my blog are "pictures of brains" and "how to make a thomas edison puppet." At first I was baffled about the puppet, but now I feel a burning need to give the public what they demand of me. I will make that puppet, I will.
▲ The other morning I brought a sweet potato to work and it escaped and went rolling around under my car, so I had to army crawl under my car to rescue said sweet potato....and a man in the parking lot saw the entire thing go down. What can I say, I am committed to my sweet potato.
▲ I almost published this post with awkward misspelled as "awekward" in the title.
▲ Today I have to return a couple hoodies to an ex-boyfriend's house. This is why you don't borrow hoodies from boyfriends.
▲ Last night I wore a skirt and lacy sweater to a church activity and had multiple people comment on how dressed up I was. It was a normal outfit for me, so I was confused until I realized I wear running clothes to 80% of church social functions these days so no wonder people took notice.
▲ That GoDaddy Super Bowl kissing commercial. I mean, for the love of keeping my lunch down!

▲ This 90s commercial, even if there's still no way I'm going to use Internet Explorer. But I do want to play Oregon Trail, so that's something.
▲ These happy pictures on the Color Me Katie blog (what a great first name she has!)
▲ Scotland is advertising with shetland ponies in sweaters. I mean, that's winning for reals.
▲ It's my 26th birthday in less than a week! what what!
▲ My nails are pink and glittery (because it's my birthday month, that's why).
▲ My entire house is draped in felt heart garland from the dollar store. Not a nook or cranny will escape my love of this holiday!
▲ This puppet really looks like he wants a hug:

what Awkward & Awesome things have happened to YOU lately?


Unknown said...

OHMYGOODGRAVY, POGS! Nicely done, Internet Explorer. Also, I never really acknowledged that sweet potatoes were something I could buy. I sort of believe that they only come in deep fried Rumbi Grill form or on my grandma's kitchen table in November. Teach me to love sweet potatoes?

karajean said...

Ha. I love your search terms. Mine are all so boring!

Elisabeth Gee said...

You're my favorite human being :)

katilda said...

I will teach you about sweet potatoes. I WILL.

katilda said...

Mine are mostly just....weird. haha

katilda said...

So....there might be an animal somewhere that is more favorite than me? :)