Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A&A: miley cyrus & tattooed mormons

▲ That one time I volunteered at the Special Olympics and wanted the above picture and managed to trip over a pole and almost take the entire sign down on top of me and some nearby athletes. Hence my awkward arms.
▲ Miley Cyrus & Snoop Lion released a reggae duet.
▲ The fact that he ever changed his name to Snoop Lion in the first place.
▲ This list of America's most embarrassing street names. (Good find, Lauren!)
▲ The first search suggestion in my phone when I typed in "how to make." Mostly I'm mad that french toast didn't take the #1 spot, but I guess people have more burning questions for Google.
▲ My feelings about picking up friends at the airport in Phoenix:

▲ That one time when I sent my book to a publisher. It still feels awesome.
▲ The tattooed Mormon article that's been circulating. Go diversity, go!
▲ Being on a rowing team, 2 weeks in, is still downright kick-A and I'm loving it.
▲ The new Jimmy Eat World album is coming in June! And you can hear the first single HERE! Be still my heart!
▲ I rediscovered that someone, once upon a time, turned my Facebook wall into an official "place" and people started checking in. I'm still dying about it.
▲ This old man who accidentally became a style icon.
▲ This entire tumblr of a toddler crying for ridiculous reasons. bahaha
This article about 20 reasons why Sandlot is the greatest movie ever made, but mostly THIS ARTICLE with cast interviews, 20 years later. I kid you not, I felt emotional. I love it so much. The end. Amen.

Happy Wednesday, one and all!
Tell me some awkward and/or awesome news from your own world?


Jenna said...

OK, Snoop Lion? Girl, it's a good thing I read this blog because I had no idea. Awkward is right.

I never get to the Terminal 4 Arrival curb on the first try either. I guess I'm in good company.

I'm so excited for the new Jimmy album. Been my favorite band since approximately 2002. By the way, Rick Burch's parents are in my ward ... his dad was just released as our Bishop last year. Now he works with my husband in 11-year-old Scouts so we get the low-down quite often. It's awesome.

Speaking of Jimmy Eat World, did you see this AZCentral article about Jim's house? It's freaking awesome and I covet it.

katilda said...

OK, totally dying over that house!! And I bet I could guess the neighborhood. I'm not crazy enough to go stalk the house though, haha. ALSO....just saw that they are releasing a new song at 11:35am today! SO EXCITED! I'm with you on the 2002 business. This is a long-time love.

Megs said...

On Monday night I missed the arrivals in Terminal 4 too! Around the circle I went! They really need to work on that!

Kndbbdjk said...

I absolutely LOVED the video about the LDS girl with tattoos who was converted! :) Such a contagious joy!

Anonymous said...

HAHA!! There is so much about this that I love. LIke the toddler crying, and that Mormon with tattoos. Also, I laughed out loud when you nearly took that sign down. HAHA! I picture that and it's so funny. But that's cool that you did that!

Anyway, great post. I really liked it.

Tyler and Ariana said...

I used to live near a Schmuck Road. It always makes me laugh!

Alicia Snow said...

this post just made my entire life. how did i not know about the single being released? i absolutely love jimmy eat world! they're touring in az in may!

victoriafarnsworth said...

Love reading your blog! I can't even imagine how great your book will be!!
Victoria (

Brittany T. said...

what an amazing person al is! I am glad you posted about her blog/article she was in..and the sign lol..oops! you just roll w/the punches so well :) sending BEST GOOD FILLED wishes w/the publisher!!

Angela said...

Snoop lion... I just don't get it!